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I've included an alternate design that shows all course options by default, but may help to remove decision fatigue and page weight by minimizing the "select" buttons. Here, a user would need to select a course first, then in a modal choose which specific class. I think it degrades to a mobile view well too. Hope this helps! Desktop: Mobile:


I take it that you are actually being asked to come up with a page template rather than just the component, since the component itself will contain all the necessary rules that will allow you to define the interaction with other elements on the page. Unless of course you are being asked to come up with a container component that can cater to a variable ...


You have a few options here. The first solution that jumps out at me is placing a Show Archived Lists link underneath the last list on the screen. While this approach is clean, I could see it potentially being problematic in terms of discoverability for users with a lot of lists. This can be easily solved with a quick guerilla usability test. Create a ...


Considering this is a landing page and the conversion rate is important and for it, you should show the CTA buttons instead of hiding them inside an accordion I will suggest to you 2 alternatives. 1) Showing all in open boxes and highlighting the most important. 2) My favourite because: Too many options = more choice = easy to take no choice (and leave) ...

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