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Smart watch notifications when doing maintenance work

It sounds like you need to validate whether a smart watch is the right device for most of these tasks. People who need to evacuate a facility in potential life-and-death situations probably need ...
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How long should a temporary notification (toast) appear?

It varies, but for English language... Generally the time taken to read a flash notice will vary according to the complexity of the information, length of notice, and focus/distraction level of the ...
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When should you mark something as read?

Did you consider the Facebook approach? Facebook shows all new notifications under one label that shows the amount of new notifications as a number: "34 new notifications", the red label on the ...
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Handling plurals in notification messages

How about pushing the development team to use some logic? Based on the selected records - let them switch the string of feedback message. For instance, if the user selects only one record to delete, ...
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How to overcome feature blindness

I honestly do not think that this is a UI issue but it has rather evolved into a trust issue. All things considered, you clearly have a good UI because new people are actively checking their ...
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Multiple notifications for the same thing

Good, practical question. In my experience with working on a booking platform recently, we touched/worked on this. More thoughts: Why this is probably done: To ensure that the notification reaches ...
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How should I indicate that a download is in progress?

I spent some time exploring how other sites deal with downloads, and liked how Google Drive handles them. Here is a screen shot of two downloads simultaneously happening on Google Drive: What I like ...
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Alert colors are really user-friendly to color-blind users?

Quick Answer In your case that color scheme is NOT safe for colorblind people. First of all don't forget that there are different types of color vision deficiency. Let's summarize why your image is ...
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Should hourly email notification accumulate all the notification from past hours?

As the user requested hourly updates, they'd probably be confused if notifications from previous updates were included. Of course, the text has to be modified: 1 new notification since last update. A ...
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Desktop app status bar: Notification vs error message

There's a third option similar to the one used on this page: the message tray icon that is only activated when it has some content with the corresponding number. Advantage: The message tray can ...
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How to make it easier to cancel bookings for a class?

The system is clear and it certainly will work. The only thing to note is that customer B might have less probability than initial A to go, because he might have done other plans. So instead of B ...
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How to show notifications on a desktop app?

There are several things I would consider. Is the consultant sharing screen with the client (we don't want him to see that)? Is it something that should be discreet or give the consultant an overview? ...
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UI for autosaving checkboxes and radiobuttons

I think this is what your developer was referring to?
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How do I display two notifications types on same icon?

Slack handles it nicely. Maybe it will help you. https://slack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201675007-Dock-icon-notifications
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Alert colors are really user-friendly to color-blind users?

You should consider checking any color palette options using an on-line simulator such as Coblis (http://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/), which shows you how images look ...
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How should I indicate that a download is in progress?

Idea 2: Small message banner next to button row is good for users not being interrupted with continuing their work if the download will take some time. If the download does take time (I've worked on ...
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Best practice for Web Push Notifications Prompt

I assume you are talking about the built-in browser prompt that asks if the user wants to allow/block push notifications, as opposed to a custom solution of your own. First of all, these are extremely ...
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Non-technical term for AD Credential

I usually say: "the username and password you use to log on your PC". Regular users dont know what AD is, And they dont want to know.
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Push notifications vs basic notifications/alerts

My view is that if you're using push notifications you have to give control to your users. The best way of doing that is to make their 'alerts' as customisable as possible. If it was me, I'd have a '...
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Smart watch notifications when doing maintenance work

The problem with a smart watch (one of many, but a specific concern here) is that you have to look at it to see what is going on. In addition to heavy gloves covering it, in which case you have to ...
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Smart watch notifications when doing maintenance work

I think you're doing things out of sequence. A lot of novice developers see a gap in the market and design a product to fill it. Somewhere in between "taking orders at trade shows" and "...
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UI for autosaving checkboxes and radiobuttons

I think your devs might be worrying about a problem that doesn’t exist with users. That’s why you don’t see it being addressed in the UIs for other apps. There should be no need to indicate that ...
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What is the difference between an alert and a warning message?

At a conceptual level an alert is usually a cue used to raise a users attention. For instance a phone may vibrate to send an alert that something requires attention. A warning is usually related to ...
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Does the user want a notification when an action is performed successfully?

It is best to give some sort of feedback. The Netflix DVD Queue doesn't pop anything up, but it gives clear visual feedback that something has happened and that you can undo it. Gmail provides an ...
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When should I make my notification sticky?

FLAG_ONGOING_EVENT: Bit to be bitwise-ored into the flags field that should be set if this notification is in reference to something that is ongoing, like a phone call. It should not be set if this ...
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Desktop app status bar: Notification vs error message

One problem with your first example is in deciding which message to summarize. In your example, there appear to be two messages (one informative: there's an update available; one error/warning: ...
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Should 'critical' system push notifications be sent regardless of the user's settings?

What a system finds "critical" and what a user finds "critical" are not always the same. A user may have disabled notifications for many reasons. The system's importance may be lower than it thinks it ...
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Is a notification counter needed?

There are certain things at play here, when looking at the variant which shows the number of items. One of them is that it's an (upcoming) convention. Most people that have come into contact with ...
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How to get users to actually read automated notifications?

I still think you should put a notification of some sort on the site itself. Maybe even place a notice on the site during the week leading up to the planned maintenance time. This takes care of a few ...
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