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Allowing bulk actions on Detail view

I agree. But in this case, if I use a binary state of checked / unchecked, the user will have to uncheck every time he previews something he doesn't want to add to the selection. My suggestion was to ...
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Allowing bulk actions on Detail view

From what I can see, your design suffers from a few possible issues: It is a fairly well-trained expectation that the label for the checkbox be tappable. Especially so on touch devices, where the ...
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Multi Selection Processing Status UI/UX

I thought your question was really interesting—there's a few considerations that might affect how you approach this solution, for example how high the stakes are (if this involves people's finances / ...
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Browse and select files from already uploaded files within the web application

It would be nice to have some visuals supporting your idea. I think as well that your design goes in the right direction. I'd avoid an overlay to support the feeling of control. The question here is - ...

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