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If we look for angular material, there is in fact more than one way to handle it : modal like already suggested by Big_Chair Expansion panel like suggested by selharxets Stepper Forms with tabs However it all depends on your very exact needs : for instance Do you really need all those information to be entered in the same form for an unique action ? If ...


Adding an extra step to present the options in a dialog is also an option (if this task is not used often and is not tied to efficiency, so the extra step won't hurt a lot): Similar to this choice dialog in the Material Guidelines (but without the extra confirmation step):


Here is an example of multiselect and multiactions.


Too many options might confuse users. Remember to keep it simple and easy as mobile screen is small and preferably one-handed use. You can fit most common actions and add kebab icon for more actions or separate them into smaller groups which will expands when user selected one. E.g. user select Group 1, then the app prompt actions under that group. ...

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