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Would this work? It's not clear if the product is tied to any other fields like unit value or quantity but on the request to add additional products, this was my initial thought.


The trivial answer is "as quick as possible". The user experience research group NNGroup has some relevant information regarding load times. Most relevant to your situation is probably the following. The 3 response-time limits are the same today as when I wrote about them in 1993 (based on 40-year-old research by human factors pioneers): 0.1 ...


You can apply a screen glare texture on top of your UI in any graphics editor (Photoshop, for example in screen blending mode with levels adjustment of the image) or to make it an overlay image in your website. Example of such texture: Alternatively, you can use screen mirroring software (for example psmirror) to test the UI on the real device during UI ...

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