I'd suggest using a circular progress bar with the number / percentage written inside of it, this way you are giving your users a more accurate information, meanwhile also making sure it's still quick to scan. Something like this:


I agree with Shreyas Tripathy's answer. I would personally pick #4 for your case and then use one of other activity indication on the next screen if needed. If your usual screen transition time is less than loading time of the image the delay won't be perceivable in most cases. Just want to add that using a modal sheet is not an appropriate mechanism here ...


There are a couple of ways of dealing with this issue. 1. Use placeholders Personally, I find this to be the best solution. On click of the user, move to the next screen with placeholders and lazy loading implemented. As soon as an asset gets downloaded, it would replace the placeholder. That eliminates the problem of loading animation altogether. User ...

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