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Yes. There is a very simple, effective heuristic that adjusts to the preference of each user. Place a check box in the warning message dialog that says: Don't show this message again Which can ...
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These are Confirmation messages - Windows have a fairly detailed page on their guidelines. The whole of that page is pretty useful but here's some excerpts (emphasis mine): Confirmations are most ...
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When is an exception message too big?

tl;dr: Some of the invoices are not eligible for payment. They were excluded from payment processing. [details] Error messages should separate two things: Information for the end user (What they ...
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I'm surprised nobody brought up the Mac OS X shut down dialog. It presents you with an "Are you sure?" window, but has a timer so that if the user walks away, expecting the computer to have shut down, ...
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How should I indicate that a download is in progress?

I spent some time exploring how other sites deal with downloads, and liked how Google Drive handles them. Here is a screen shot of two downloads simultaneously happening on Google Drive: What I like ...
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There are 3 cases. The destructive action Do you want to delete this file? Don't. Just do the action, and display a confirmation snackbar (non-blocking small widget somewhere where it is visible ...
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I'm a big proponent of not showing messages blocking users from doing what they intended to do. The UX solution with confirmation popups came from the Stone Age of computer UX practices. It originates ...
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How should I indicate that a download is in progress?

Idea 2: Small message banner next to button row is good for users not being interrupted with continuing their work if the download will take some time. If the download does take time (I've worked on ...
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Error message about recaptcha failure, should it be more generic or specific?

A clear "it depends". An error like "secrets error" is broadcasting "the admin doesn't know how to implement this feature correctly" to those in the know, while offering ...
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What is the logic behind delete other-end chat?

You should consider the ramifications behind allowing someone to delete a message in context and base your decision on that. If you allow someone to delete a message and don’t provide all possible ...
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What could be better message to any user in facebook?

I wish I'd just comment on that. Anyway, the message should be like this: "You must be at least 13 years old to have a Facebook account"
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How should I indicate that a download is in progress?

My solution would be to have the user interface slide a quarter screen to the left (or to the right depending on your preference) revealing a download panel that shows the current state of the various ...
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Should a message show up confirming the user wants to leave when they press on a 'back' button within an app?

This is a good question but I am afraid the answers are going to be opinionated. My answer is based on my experiences with various apps. When a two-step exit is helpful On feed-based apps that don't/...
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Where to place the first message in a chat?

It might be related to bottom/top posting. If users are conditioned to look above the text input for the latest response, aligning to the bottom (example A) would make it more consistent. If 95% of a ...
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Appropriate error message for blacklisted password!

Use Password Strength Indicators along with indicating progress toward compliance - This is from the NNGroup: Apple.com and healthcare.gov show you how many hoops you’ve jumped through and ...
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How should I indicate that a download is in progress?

I am generally in favour of snackbars, however, there is the chance that the message is missed. Depending on how often users have to download the data, how long it takes to prepare the download, etc., ...
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Why you can't “delete your message for all” in messengers?

Usually the "delete for all" is available only until the message has been received by at least one receiver. The message is received when the receiver device is online and synchronizes the inbox. At ...
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How much time in advance should users be informed of an upcoming maintenance on app?

It depends on how much the outage impacts users. From Atlassian's blog: Larger impacts call for longer lead time and more frequent updates before the maintenance. For small updates with no expected ...
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Left aligned vs. versus aligned chat messages

Mimicking real-world interactions I believe the reasoning behind having versus aligned in WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other chat applications might be an attempt to mimic how people in the real ...
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Left aligned vs. versus aligned chat messages

Consider 1:1 vs Group Messaging When my team worked on the left vs staggered approach to message bubble alignment we did some internal A/B tests to see which performed better and the majority of ...
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How long does it take to read X number of characters?

Measuring reading time by characters is approaching the problem in the wrong way, perhaps. Many readers read by "sight words": snapshotting an entire word in their mind and recognizing the ...
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What is your feedback on the attached screenshot?

Many steps informed in a single sentence 'Close' cross image should be right hand, isn't it? It is not clear, whether you want user to click on that orange 'Edit' button or 'Next' arrow (which seems ...
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Which message to show after user clicks "Report spam"?

Since its happening in an inbuilt messenger you should display the actions inside this messenger in my opinion, there is no need for a pop-up or modal. This way your keeping his focus on the ...
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New text message requests

Let's talk about the scenario when users have to send repeated access request. They did not receive the code for original request because, - There was no cellphone network (Edge Case): Can the ...
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Error/ success messages: File not downloaded or File was not downloaded. The download was stopped or interrupted by another file download

Generally, the "Problem stated" part of your message should be displayed as a section heading, with explanatory text below in a paragraph. This structure appears in the Material HIG examples: The ...
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What is the logic behind delete other-end chat?

The logic of deletion the other-end chat message is to allow a user to control the history of a conversation, and remove undesired parts of it if necessary. From UX perspective there is no right ...
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Blocking a conversation in a PM system

One thing I like to do when dealing with these kinds of issues is to envision the situation in a context where the components of the problem are amplified. Let's imagine this happens publicly on your ...
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Why do user's sent messages appear on the right?

A few months ago I developed and designed a chat service. This was something I put a decent amount of thought in, and the result just ended up being that I felt having the defined left and right meant ...
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In app - planned maintenance and unplanned downtime messaging

I particularly prefer the option that least obstructs the app. A modal window for a type of information referring to settings in the app itself is giving too much relevance to an internal activity ...
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