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The expectation of a user from traditional radio buttons is that one option is initially selected, so either pre-selecting the most popular/likely option, or if an accidental transaction is to be avoided, a cancel option, should make this much more intuitive.


I would personally go one step further: Let the user select the session, and that then brings directly to the next screen. There's probably no need to select first and then confirm in that scenario. The text of the button could be "Select", "Choose", "Continue", "Book"... It could possibly be more explicit about the ...


Try being explicit with a set of buttons, and tie the [continue] button to the action. Since users have to choose one of a set of available sessions, try disabling the CONTINUE button, so it's apparent they can't move forward. Pair that with a set of buttons aligned above the next step, and experiment with a label that's clear (you can test which text is the ...

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