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I don't believe there is a common mathematical formula for that. Especially with perception theories. It would heavily depend on your user's screen (if it's a digital application?); angle and physical distance of viewing your overall object; user's eye condition (someone with astigmatism and without correction lenses?); units of X and Y distances (in ...


Speaking for myself, using a 27″ 4K monitor for Windows, a Mac laptop Retina display, as well as other external monitors at workplace, I usually set the OS scaling to approximate 1 HD resolution. Sometimes I change the effective resolution by zoom (zoom out to fit more windows onto screen or zoom in for reading when leaned back), but in the last 10 years I ...


Trying to use a pixel width for a standard size has been a losing battle for years and no web developer or designer should have that as a goal. You do not know, and cannot reliably determine, the size of anyone's display size. So don't do that. The best response I've ever read about this question is, start with the smallest possible display width--which is ...


You can try a "form Tools bar", as an example: delete or start again, go to previous field, jump to next field and save form:


No, there isn't, and there never will be. Just test with your users to find out what works best. If there were equations for things like Gestalt Laws, designs would be programmed using AI by now.

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