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Remove the toggle for multiple choice. Keep radio buttons for single answer questions. Keep check boxes for multiple answer questions.


This is essentially the same as the answer above by @Mohammed Yaseen Ganai, but I felt that some more explanation was in order to really help you understand the suggestion. The most important thing here is not breaking convention unnecessarily - there already exist UI elements to do exactly what you want to do: Radios and Checkboxes. Radio buttons Radio ...


Vertically below each other in an order that makes sense to your users. The issue with putting fields horizontally next to each other is that they are sometimes missed. Have a search for LukeW, he is a UX researcher at Google and has some amazing content on form best practices.


Switches are generally used when there are only one or two options. In this case, there a four options so checkboxes would work better. The options could be made more user-friendly and understandable with the addition of a verb: Allow multiple valid answers [checkbox] Allow multiple attempts [checkbox] Shuffle questions [checkbox] Shuffle answers [...


Structurally your form should be a single column, nothing should be side by side. Also labels should always sit on top of the inputs, instead of next to them. The reason behind this it is that we read left to right and then top to bottom, that is different in other parts of the world though. Also make sure the spacing between the label and the ...

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