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As others have suggested I agree that a bit of randomness will help you out a lot. However, I wanted to over some additional suggestions. The randomness only really provides a solution to the "fairness" of which animals are seen. However, given your specific scenario I would argue that there should be a bias towards certain "items" ...


I think you shouldn't have a collapse function here. why? because users should be able to see the alternatives they can go for instead of simply unsubscribing. It's in the companies interest to retain users. While unsubscribing should be easy, it should also make it easy for users to adjust their subscription settings as an alternative to simply ...


If you are including these messages in the application itself, then no, don't reference the position of elements unless you know for sure they are fixed (e.g. they use static/absolute positioning). Responsive design isn't the only thing that can effect positions. There could be many other compatibility, accessibility or even localisation conflicts that cause ...


As AjitZero mentioned, you could randomize the order in which the animals are presented to give each dog/cat an equal chance to be placed on top. Building on that idea you could create a spotlight section with 3-5 animals (chosen new each week) and additionally provide a catalogue of all the animals.


You could do something like below where an illustration shows the indentation. If you want to save space even more, you could fill that structure with ids (1, 1.1, 1.2,...) and reference them below in blocks. This way you wouldn't lose so much horizontal space for the indentation.

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