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There's no question - as study after study has shown - that lining up like data scans best. Don't be thrown off by the text "today" and "this week." Hours (this week) could be lined up under hours (today) with the same for the minutes. 7h 30mm 30h 0mm That's if you want to keep the current formatting. I'm not certain that will test ...


It may not be necessary to put the two figures inside the progress bar: The double progress bar can show the progress plus the total to be achieved: The info bubble over the progress bar:


You could try making the bar thinner. right now, the thick bar almost looks like a button, or some kind of slider control. You can place the text just above. This way you don't have to worry about legibility, and you can add more descriptive text if you need to be descriptive or encouraging (such as describing the stages of a process).


There are a few ways to do this better, I'll share 2 possible solutions. If your users are comfortable with documentation or there is space beside the UI to indicate a legend, you can consider using error codes to describe the error, for example, Err1 = check battery Err2 = no signal ... Otherwise, if your users are power users, they will be familiar with ...

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