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I do use it a lot and I've seen my users using it as well, that is why we are thinking about a redesign from tabs to placeholders on a single long list of data so you can ctrl+f to the field you want to get (we have employee cards that have quite many fields on them).


Product page Hiding information behind the show more button is quite inappropriate if it's a page dedicated to the product. The user already decided to open the page, why not let him or her see the full information about the product? It seems to be a common mistake that frequently repeats on poorly designed websites. The two most popular websites of the same ...


it depends on how many commands you need to support. Chorded key combinations typically involve only a small number of modifier keys and therefore are more limited, whereas sequential key combinations can be arbitrarily long and thus are more scalable. Unless your application needs to support a large number of commands, I would use chorded combinations ...

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