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iOS apps log users out when upgrading to a new phone

How do I know it was the real user that upgraded the phone and not some one who shouldn't? That is the security and safety risk that exists in auto migration for accounts between devices. Hence, when ...
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What is the best way to indicate new data related to a button in iOS?

Dropbox uses icons to show the sync status of its files: Available file: Sync in progress You can use something similar with an icon for the list available without changes and a list with changes ...
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Does iOS have an equivalent to Material Design's 'ripple' effect when touching a surface?

The default behavior for buttons in the Apple HIG doesn't include a ripple effect. You can check out the HIG guidelines for buttons here, which don't specify any particular behavior. However, it's ...
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Logout button: Hide or disable?

While there are many posts about this (here and here, for example), and of course the general answer is always "it depends"... in this case it seems fairly clear-cut to me that you should ...
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Change details view of iOS or Android without going back to UITableView

The back arrow has a different functionality than showing current page content, I don't think it's the best option. The problem is that within the Divisions section you are changing the title for part ...
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What is the best practice for designing apps for 320px wide?

Before proceeding with managing and resizing text for 320px screens, it's important to understand why you want to reduce the size. Consider what other information you want to display when the keyboard ...
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Presentation of modal when clicking on tab bar item

Giving the user (a sense of) control is a basic UX principle. When the user clicks the tab and never gets there, this is a major UX flaw. The user might even think it's broken. And it's not just ...
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How to make sure the user knows interactivity of this widget

With so many restrictions – I don't want to do this, I don't want to do that –, it's difficult to find a satisfactory answer. I think the low permissiveness margin only refrains from a minimum graphic ...
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Custom Google and Apple Signup/in buttons

This no longer seems to be an issue (at least not for Apple). You are free to adjust the buttons size or text size to fit your design. This is described in Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (updated ...
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Is there a mutually UX-Friendly solution to allow both the OS and the Application to swipe from the edge of the screen for navigation?

Although this question is rather old, the problem has been solved reasonably well in the touch navigation which Android uses. The key is determining whether the swipe originated off the edge of the ...
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What is it about our mental models that app-centric seems more intuitive than content-centric?

I know this is an old question, but I believe I can offer a few insights. You’re correct: content-centric is more akin to how humans think. Using tools is in our genes, but apps are not tools: they’re ...
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