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No one is clicking my slide box popup - Can it be improved?

Pop-up windows are a pestilence on the web. Users are fed up with them. People visited your web site because they wanted to view information about some product. But as soon as they started scrolling ...
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Why are animations out often neglected, even from Google?

Animation is used to draw focus to objects. It makes less sense to draw focus to an object the user is no longer pointing to (and thus, is no longer interested in focusing on), than to draw focus to ...
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Are you sure you want to answer this question?

Yes. There is a very simple, effective heuristic that adjusts to the preference of each user. Place a check box in the warning message dialog that says: Don't show this message again Which can ...
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Is the message "Data cannot be recovered." when reformatting misleading to users?

"Recovered" is a poor choice of words here. All that app is trying to do is warn people that the action is not reversible and they can't simply hit cancel or undo and all their files will be returned. ...
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How to show a "Yes" for a negative occurrence and "No" for a positive occurrence

Your objective is to draw your client's attention towards not doing business with PEP, therefore you could highlight just that and avoid the opposite sounding PEP: Yes/No combination. Leaving the non-...
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How to avoid the "local elevator" problem?

Replace the panel A with buttons “to rooftop” and “to garage” instead of “up” and “down”. Now elevator 1 is reserved for special floors and most people use elevators 2-4.
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Button changing its text & action. Good or terrible?

You can change the button to reflect the only available action, but separate the display of state. You've replaced the button label with the only available action: reverting (unregistering). Where it ...
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Facial recognition - Given the context, should the user be made aware of the process?

Based on Nielsen's 10 heuristics of interface design: Visibility: Show system status, tell what's happening. Following these guidelines you should show the status of interface and visualize that ...
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How to avoid the "local elevator" problem?

On further thought, another solution could be to implement a singular, digital wall panel where users can indicate to which specific floor they are intending to go, much like the ones found in many ...
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What is a button supposed to look like?

Your question revolves around signifiers for a button's design (i.e. hints that communicate what an element can do/how to interact with it). I assume your primary concern with buttons is that many of ...
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Are you sure you want to answer this question?

These are Confirmation messages - Windows have a fairly detailed page on their guidelines. The whole of that page is pretty useful but here's some excerpts (emphasis mine): Confirmations are most ...
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Is it good practice to allow users to navigate simply by hovering on a menu item without clicking?

This seems full of usability issues, as well as possibly performance issues loading interim unnecessary pages (e.g., user moves mouse across tabs to access one several over). To start, if there's user ...
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What is better: to have a modal open instantly and then load its contents, or to load its contents and then open it?

The first option... but with more feedback. You should have the modal appear immediately. This is important so that the user knows that their action has been successful (i.e. you don't want them to ...
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Customers using the New Order option when they should use Reorder

Speak like your customers It's helpful to be more conversational — especially with older customers who tend to miss implied meaning in an interface. They aren't typically put off by a little ...
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Multiple options vs single option UI

You don't need to make different appearances for these components. Your case is similar to well-known toggles in a toolbar of text processors like Word. These font settings toggles act like ...
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Is it wrong to cover a form with the "Saving..." notification?

Option 2 leaves the modified content in place and visible. It means that your users don't have to recall the data they just submitted / modified. Inline notification (Option 2): Does not make the ...
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How should I indicate that the user correctly chose the incorrect option?

If the word is in the wrong place, the logical situation when the user answers right, is the word leaving its position If the choice is correct, the color should not be red If the choice is wrong, the ...
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Which way should arrows point for a dropdown button?

I would consider two things here: Visual connection to action Common standard implementation To the first point - visual connection: If you see an arrow that points up, you expect something to ...
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Toggle states display

Material Design Shows the Locked State by a greyed-out version like this: But the problem here is the accessibility. Users with vision-related disabilities won't be able to differentiate these two. ...
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QR vs Barcode vs Custom Code

You can add quite a bit of visualization to your QR codes, see for example https://github.com/x-hw/amazing-qr Some examples of that page: If the QR code will be shown on a screen you can even use an ...
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What is the reason for moving the start button to the middle in Windows 11?

The interview in the Wall Street Journal gives the answer from the Diego Baca, Microsoft's principal design director. When asked about a placement of the Start button he said: I do remember we wanted ...
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Which way should arrows point for a dropdown button?

A button should show what will happen when it is next clicked - not point to something else. When the button above a closed menu is clicked, the content will drop down - so the should point down (to ...
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Another way to show a sub-row in a table?

For these types of tables, it's usually helpful for the user to allow folding. That also helps distinguish the parent/child relationship.
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No one is clicking my slide box popup - Can it be improved?

As other have said, most visitors have developed a banner blindness and will either ignore or close your pop-up without reading its content. Improving the content of the banner will have minimal ...
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Why are animations out often neglected, even from Google?

I don't think it's a design decision; I think they're neglected because, at least in web development, they're kind of annoying to implement and don't contribute enough to the UX to make them worth the ...
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Display an overdue task on task list

Maybe you should think about the sorting first. Overdue tasks shown first If items overdue are fairly detrimental, those should potentially be grouped first on the top of the listing, maybe apply a ...
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How to make irregularly shaped objects / elements look clickable?

You should NOT rely on hover states. Even if you’re not developing a responsive website, now that we have touch devices, the days of relying on hover states to imply "interactability" are gone. I ...
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How to make horizontal scroll obvious?

I think that the idea of an item partially visible (sol 1) is nowadays something acquired (it comes from windows metro UI, back in 2010!). In my opinion to make it look less bugged you should try to ...
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Intuitive dialog for choosing whether to close and lose changes or keep editing

All the information in the other answer about colors, contrast, etc. is valid from a general design perspective. But words matter a lot. In particular, users may get very confused about "this ...
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