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Image formats and resolution - for Low Bandwidth Web Apps

Page size If you need a site to work on a 56kbps connection you need to go as "close to bare metal" as you can. By that I mean no libraries or frameworks (no bootstrap, React, Angular etc. ...
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Graphic format. SVG PNG or something else

With an online SVG optimizer = 46 kb It depends on the final destination of each image. If it were a personal project, knowing that I would only use the vector information, I would not hesitate to ...
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What is the best way to prevent logo distortion and poor quality when allowing users of an app to upload their own logo?

It's hard to say for certain what will work for users without testing the interaction directly, however, here are a few principles which may help... 1. Show the image in context Context is Key which ...
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What file enforcement should be set on file upload for best user experience?

If your application has limitations to file sizes and formats, then yes these should be conveyed to the users so that they can have a successful image upload. Generally accepted formats are JPG and ...
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Best way to ask user to crop post image to different sizes

Asking user to upload only one image and that too in very maximum size you want for your app. Later you can show them, 4 different area where user's image looks like. Try not to distrot image, use ...
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3 votes

Best way to ask user to crop post image to different sizes

As a matter of fact, you should only ask user to upload a photo with a minimum width of 750px (or even better as wide as possible with 750x400px as a minimum). You can and should offer a crop feature, ...
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Looking for a GIF editor

I don't know if this is a UX question, but I guess I can try answering it. I just tried GIMP and it seemed to do a good job of dropping the file size. Which is what I'm guessing you are ultimately ...
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What is best practice for images in mid fidelity designs?

Yes. Mid-fi is where you start getting closer to the product/website design vision without going into pixel-perfect detail (hifi). It's a good place to start showing an example of what kind of images ...
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Creating artwork for display on 4K UHD video

PPI stands for Pixel per Inch so a 4k resolution screen can have different PPI for different screens. It comes into play when the dimensions are in pixels. As you have just one resolution to work ...
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