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At least one is mandatory. How do I make this clear?

You could split the list. mandatory items as radio buttons. optionals as checkboxes This also makes sure the attention per importance isn't divided, and allows for easier comparison between ...
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I'm designing a no-data USB cable : How should the end be marked?

Unfortunately such cable is not compliant with USB specification, as even in usb power delivery the data lines are used to negotiate power. You should not mark it with USB (or even USB-like) logo at ...
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Why do Radio Buttons not fill the entire outer circle?

It’s not entirely clear that a black circle means “yes” or selected, while a white circle means “no” or non-selected. Depending on what the user regards as foreground and background, it may go either ...
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Button for "Play, but from beginning" for a scrubber UX

v1 I would suggest that the play button stays the same as it always has - a triangle to begin then a pause once playback begins. But, once playback has started, a new button appears like this: The ...
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I'm designing a no-data USB cable : How should the end be marked?

You can never beat straight text ("Power Only"); that way, there can be no confusion. That said, I actually have such a cable at home which has an icon very similar to this in a raised profile on ...
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Using cross marks to indicate benefits

Add some catchy column titles. As it is right now, it looks like it's not free from animal testing, as the "No animal testing" item is not checked. Adding column headers will allow you to ...
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What is the difference between these 2 menu icons: 3-dots (kebab) and 3-lines (hamburger)

Generally speaking they are used to open different types of menu. The 'burger' is used to open a 'burger menu', which is presented as a drawer that appears from the side of the screen and occupies ...
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Is colour alone enough to convey warning?

No, it is not enough. This is how your image looks for people with achromatopsia (grayscale vision) This with Blue-Weak Tritanomaly This with Blue-Blind Tritanopia As you can see, there are evident ...
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Why is the file icon usually folded from the right corner?

The original, by Norm Cox, had the dog ear in the bottom left. This was made for Xerox Star system, and it was a bit of an odd choice since typically, in a book, the dog ear is in the top right corner*...
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Icon for adding/removing from favourites: indicating state vs. action

I have to say, the hollow-vs-gold-star state approach is standard enough that I think it would be your best bet. Not only is it common enough to become intuitive, but it acts as both state AND action: ...
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What are some good alternatives for using a lot of icons in software?

I think there are three problems with your old icons. An action seems to be represented by an image of a clipboard. Since most icons represent actions, the clipboard is superflous, only clutters the ...
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Why is the share icon always different?

Other than just being design choices made by different companies (and the trademarks/copyrights that come with them) you must take into account what the icons are intended to represent. A good icon ...
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Gear icon vs. ellipsis (3 dots)

Both the icons convey a different meaning; even if they tell a user that there are additional options underneath. A gear icon is derived from a traditional mechanical sense of gears and cogs defining ...
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Why is the settings icon either associated with gears or a wrench + screwdriver

Traditionally the operation of a mechanical tool was determined by the physical constraint of the position/type/size of the gears used. So if you wanted to change a tool setting, you would have to ...
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Do Samsung's Marshmallow skin Quick toggles have enough contrast?

In short, NO, they do not have enough contrast. According to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) they mostly do not have enough contrast. Only 1 out of 8 tests gets a pass. But the dark blue ...
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At least one is mandatory. How do I make this clear?

I think this solution could be usable. Note that the mandatory item is selected AND disabled. The user is forced to select one of the mandatory items through a dropdown menu download bmml source &...
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Button for "Play, but from beginning" for a scrubber UX

IEC 60417 is a standard for symbols to put on electrical devices (TVs, VCRs, washing machines, MRIs etc.) and ISO 7000 collects these. Each costs around 100 bucks, but there is a free preview PDF. It’...
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Why do Radio Buttons not fill the entire outer circle?

I guess a completely full radio button can be easily confused with a bulleted text: Whereas an empty circle perceptually gives the feeling of incompleteness: needs filling or has to be filled: Even ...
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Button for "Play, but from beginning" for a scrubber UX

you can use a restart / reset button, here's an example from YouTube, the leftmost button
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Why is the share icon always different?

Branding. Nothing else. We could go on and on for hours throwing conjectures and theories, but in the end, it's only a branding thing. Your icons , from left to right are from Apple, Apple, ...
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I'm designing a no-data USB cable : How should the end be marked?

As others have stated, icons are unlikely to be seen. As this question shows, a common way to solve this is to make the cable end visually distinct using colour. In this case, the red end is power ...
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Is the "filter" icon widely recognised by users?

The NNGroup sums it up pretty nicely here: Icon Usability A user’s understanding of an icon is based on previous experience. Due to the absence of a standard usage for most icons, text labels are ...
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Why do Radio Buttons not fill the entire outer circle?

I would consider accessibility to be one of the reasons of this style of radio buttons in addition to the physical button it originated from. When a button is fully filled, you are relying on the ...
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Preventing users from accidentally deleting items

I would start by giving it another color. Red is usually associated with danger (example from Bootstrap). More important is using a confirmation popup, which you already seem to do. Or use a 'soft ...
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Preventing users from accidentally deleting items

Your goal is that users do not accidentally delete items. You have three general ways to achieve this: 1. Using design standards The trash can icon and the color red are both standard for Delete-type ...
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Is my gender selection sexist?

Thank you for asking this question. Short answer: yes. Not all women have a hairstyle like that, and neither do all men. And not everyone is white, either, so it is racist (or at the very least ...
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I'm designing a no-data USB cable : How should the end be marked?

Leaving aside the question of whether there's a better solution than a custom USB cable, if the 'lightning bolt' symbol is not obvious enough, or is too similar to the Thunderbolt symbol, an ...
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Down arrow and up arrow status

I'll make this an answer so I can expand on my comment. Your main problem is not an arrow, icon, color or emoji thing. Your main problem is a conceptual one: you're mixing taxonomies with gradations ...
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Why was the "Airport" icon chosen to mean: "radio emissions on your device are disabled"?

Context is everything. Yes, you are right in questioning that some people might be confused by this. However, the usages of this icon each show in dramatically different contexts. The icon is used ...
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In RTL mode do icons need to be mirrored?

You need to consider an icon's usage and meaning to determine if it should be mirrored. This Google Material Design article gives a detailed description of icon mirroring. The main difference ...
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