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I found it: Stretchtext. The concept was invented by Ted Nelson in 1967.


Progressive Disclosure. This design pattern intends to reduce UI clutter, confusion and cognitive workload so that the user’s focus remains on the interface. The example you described is achieved one way by using HTML5 tags summary and details.


Even though you should definitely be using actual user testing data to convince your boss, the next best alternative would be some internal testing. Often it is not hard to make a convincing argument that the internal users share many of the same characteristics as the end users. I would also try to put an case for trying to address potential issues against ...


At smaller companies, I think that initially, multiple styles do end up being used across the platform, and it is great that you as a developer are noticing this and proactively thinking about this! In my opinion, a way to convince the director would be to bring up the conversation about design systems and component library, which is basically a set of UX ...

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