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Best UX for a dynamic list of actions/operations

Try making the list more legible by grouping into categories that users understand and make sense of. The menu you have has a lot of choices (normal in many complex domains). One issue is trying to ...
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Creating a Dark Mode

I created a dark mode for a start up website that was in stealth mode. The number one thing I learned was that you cannot use pure black as the background color you transition to. Use softer black ...
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What is this component called? It looks like a table but each row has different types of data

The elements are lists. To be more precise, it can be called a Two-line text list. There are three components to a list design: The list: All list items together List item: An individual item in the ...
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How would I go about designing a home screen whose sole purpose is navigating to other [5] pages?

Start with a thorough understanding of the application context and application users—rather than generalizations. Once that is established develop an interface that first serves the needs and mindset ...

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