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Consider representing those top-level statuses using colour and/or pattern, then the text can focus on conveying any sub-status.


I'd either go with the "tree style" of using chevrons (I was actually raising my eyebrows when reading your first paragraph :-), or use the plus/minus icons. The image you show only includes the tree-internal design - where would the panel title and controls go? If the closing function (e.g., the minus button) is on the far right of the panel title, there'...


Changing how apps function is usually a UX nightmare. The older the app, the worse it gets. Age is the defining factor of this issue and your sounds very old. This change could be a truly deep negative experience for a major portion of your users. If you have users that don't use computers elsewhere, this could be a life changer for them because it's their ...


Changes involve frustration because users would have to repeat the learning process. Designing a more modern solution (without so much dialogue screen) Including interface operation via the keyboard If the company has the option, then maybe quantitative research might be useful? Is interaction required in each of the 7 columns? (e.g. Discount is not ...

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