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Definitely, don't go with two search buttons. Very confusing for the user. Which search should I press will be what they think? Use a single search button and make it fixed to the bottom of the screen. Also "Looking for" as a placeholder and title are confusing... Looking for what, jobs, pay rise, part-time work? If this is job titles the placeholder should ...


I would suggest having one save button at the end of all filter options. It would avoid unnecessary confusion for a user. Also, it demands extra space which makes the list much longer. If the lists are more than 2 scrolls, consider grouping few of them & make it expandable. Users feel a bit uncomfortable to scroll more than 3 times. Unless it's ...


You can make a difference between the first and second button. It seems the real search button is the second category while the first one is apply or update settings.


Having multiple search buttons is confusing, my suggestion would be to have the search button always be at the bottom of the view and have the filter items scroll. Example: The yelp iOS app search filter screen


I think it’s a bit confusing. People may think, “Are the search buttons only for those particular filter sections?” Not that it matters. What if you broke out the true search pieces: location and looking for, and use the search icon, then have your filter section in a new “card” or area and use an “Apply” button?

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