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I've seen this before, and personally I hate it. In my personal experience, I tend not to complete the trip or just leave the page. But maybe it's just me. However, no matter the reasons, you are cheating the user to do something she did not ask. Basically, you are denying one of the 8 golden rules of interface design 7 Supports the internal control ...


It is important to keep the user where he is expected to be. Not all websites work like this but pages that go the extra step and allows the user to return to his initial state are a big plus.


For the "pack shot", you probably want to use "full-frame" images throughout (so both the 50ml product-shot and the 200ml product-shot would both be 500px x 500px images). This keeps things like a grid-layout looking consistent, and allows the customer to see all available detail (if the 50ml container was shown to scale, it would be a quarter of the size of ...


You don't always need to show the full-size image, but just having something that can be used as a reference should be enough. So instead of a full person, you can just use a hand or other references that have a reasonably well-known size. I think the issue is really having a clean product shot that you can manipulate graphically so it is not as much of a ...

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