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Do we need to show cart icon if I am already in the cart page?

It is quite usual to keep the cart icon visible at all times, also when you are already on the cart page. Amazon is an example and you could say that it is safe to assume people are familiar with the ...
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Looking for examples of left side bar PLP filtering that needs an apply button

Why would a left-side bar PLP filtering component need to look different from a right-side PLP filtering modal that shows over the products? As far as your users are concerned, unless you're super ...
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ecommerce autocomplete with long values

I'd distinguish between auto-complete and search (hinted at by Michael's answer already). Auto-complete offers a few (frequent?) matches, but works best when the user types rarely used fragments, so ...
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ecommerce autocomplete with long values

If your primary goal is to ensure that all the text is visible (which will rule out truncating the text or making certain search results look the same), extending the width of the display might not ...
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