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Combining single- and multi- select drop-down in one form. How to dismiss the drop-down?

One potential way to have a single button to confirm the selection for both single and multiple selection dropdowns is to make "All" an option in the multiple selection dropdown. You can ...
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Should search fields be placed inside the container (combo box) or inside the dropdown list?

It should be inside the container. Duplicate items is always bad because it complicates things and can be confusing. For your concern with it not being obvious, you could always make it more obvious. ...
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How do I allow the user to visit the umbrella page in mobile navigation menu?

You could allow the user to expand the navigation menu and put the link for "All Cats" at the very top: |_ 1.0 - Cats |_ 1.1 - All Cats |_ 1.2 - White |_ 1.3 - Yellow |_ 1.4 - ...
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