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Try helper text below, so there's no memory tax once they start entering a format. Another option you can also look at is using a forgiving format pattern This means if a user enters '2 weeks, 1 day' or '10 days' that is still recognized by the application. It's conforming the application to a human, rather than forcing the human to think in terms of data ...


If you don't want to mess up the design you have already made, a good option is to add reference icons, in this case time icons (available for free at Clock or Stopwatch: the time the ingredient must be added HourGlass: the duration time These particular icons offer sufficient visual contrast to make them easier to perceive.


Toggle switches are for on/off states, they're not really for Option A / Option B selection (though toggle buttons could be used for this). In your example, one of the tasks is about the onions ("cook onions for 10 minutes") while the other is ideally about the task immediately before adding the onions (for example, "Wait 10 minutes, then add ...

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