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What do Sample Size and Effect Size mean in terms of A/B testing?

Effect Size In A/B testing, effect size is the observed difference in performance between A and B. Take, for example, the following A/B results: A: 10 conversions out of 103 visits B: 6 conversions ...
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Best practice for Web Push Notifications Prompt

I assume you are talking about the built-in browser prompt that asks if the user wants to allow/block push notifications, as opposed to a custom solution of your own. First of all, these are extremely ...
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"Sign Up/Join Now" versus "Learn More/Find Out More"

Welcome to UXSE! From a quick Google search on CTAs I found this article that analyzed ~37000 Facebook ads and also made their own A/B/C testing. They compared "Learn More", "Sign Up" and "...
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When signing up for a service why are we sometimes required to TICK a CHECKBOX to declare consent?

With all my projects the main reason is laws. In EU, you're required by law to get the users' informed and active consent before storing or accessing any kind of personal data. The ePrivacy ...
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Best practice for Web Push Notifications Prompt

The best time to ask a user to allow push notifications is the moment when they understand that a notification would help them accomplish their intentions. That's usually not when the page loads. ...
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The most intuitive way to input credit card expiry dates

How are expiry dates displayed on a credit card? 05/07 How do you convey that date verbally? 0507 It makes sense to have people enter it in some that replicates those behaviours... So, the text ...
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How does "clickshaming" affect user experience?

A solid question, but I don't know how easy it will be to get raw numbers on this, or if they'll apply to your specific situation. It's important from an early stage to establish a way to split test ...
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Are those "sign up now!" pop up windows taking away from the UX?

I would 100% argue that these pop up modal windows take away from the user experience - I don't think there is much doubt about that. You mentioned that they destroy the flow of reading the content ...
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Evidence of a difference in conversion rate between a “ghost” and a “traditional” button?

I recommend looking at this article which talks about a A\B test that was done on seeing the conversion rates while using a solid call to action vs a ghost button in emails. To quote the article ...
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Are regional specific landing pages better than standard homepages?

This depends on how much traffic your expecting to pull from multiple regions. If you know that you'll be getting traffic from all over the world and they will all be contributing significantly ...
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How to guide users to the correct download?

While the best UX would be to combine both softwares (don't become a second Axosoft), the easiest way would be to ask them on the landing or on the download site something like: What do you need ...
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When signing up for a service why are we sometimes required to TICK a CHECKBOX to declare consent?

It comes down to two related things: Ownership of action Trust The first of these is about the owner of the site wanting you to stop and notice the thing you're agreeing to, rather than just ...
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When signing up for a service why are we sometimes required to TICK a CHECKBOX to declare consent?

The reason why is that by law (and its fuzzy) people have to have enough to show that they can't accidentally accept terms, usually when payment or providing personal information is involved. So if I ...
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Is left hand / vertical navigation worth the space it uses?

tl;dr Horizontal nav is good for overviews. Vertical nav is good when you need persistent deep-dive controls. Landing pages are an immersive experience worthy of experimentation. E-comm has ...
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The font style on a CTA affect user's decisions?

According to this post by Kissmetrics: As far as research goes, there is no ironclad answer as to whether serif or sans serif is better. But, as far as general consensus goes, when it comes to ...
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E-commerce product page thumbnails: Vertical vs Horizontal?

I'm looking at two reasons why vertical placement works best for product thumbnails: Majority of web users are already familiar with this approach as the top e-commerce portals such as Amazon, ...
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Why user mostly drops from shipping address page in checkout?

There are many possible reasons, but without seeing your site or that specific page, it’s just a bunch of wild guesses: You have restrictions on where you ship (e.g. only to the US when you have a ...
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Identity and abuse in software build around anonymity

Those verification methods are common and could be viable, but the underlying app may have conceptual problems. There's a lot to unpack here, so bear with me. For starters, it sounds like users ...
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Is inline validation convenient on pre filled form fields?

Yes, if the pre-filled data is user-editable If the user can still edit the pre-filled fields, they need to know that the current data is valid and also if any changes they make, are. Make sure all ...
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Best moment to ask for feedback why the user is not converting?

I agree with @dan1111's answer; asking users to tell you why they are leaving is annoying and a bad practice. I think you have 2 choices that can actually help you make improvements that will result ...
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a/b testing hundreds of pages at once, with a different layout

It depends on how your "b" variant are implemented. Separate pages are difficult to test, whereas javascript transformations are much easier. Here is some general advice, hope it helps: Javascript ...
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Do "text seals" increase conversions on payment forms?

There is a study from UCL (Why Trust Seals Don’t Work: A study of user perceptions and behavior, I. Kirlappos, A. Sasse and N. Harvey) on how users react to the presence of trust seals on websites. ...
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The most intuitive way to input credit card expiry dates

It is generally considered a rule of good usability to stick to a single input method as much as possible. Don't force users to switch between mouse and keyboard unnecessarily. For this reason...drop ...
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Are contact forms "a waste of real estate" on a web page?

Nothing is a waste if it's in its place. If the goal of your product pages is for the user to contact you then definitely put a contact form. If not, it may take away from whatever other call-to-...
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Conversion strategy - displaying button for not allowed action and redirecting on click

I have seen the process you are describing in action and it never makes me comfortable - Essentially, you are hijacking a click and redirecting the user through a number of steps that they were not ...
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Notification when item is added to a shopping cart

Give user a consistent feedback. Choose a place where all notification must be displayed for all kind of feedback. Popups are annoying. Also make it very simple and no input should be required from ...
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Why the users are not clicking on the button?

Could it be the wording? How would a user know what will happen if she clicks a button labeled "Send job offer"? Making a job offer is a big commitment. It's not something done lightly by clicking a ...
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Why the users are not clicking on the button?

Companies large enough to have a human resource department will have their own policies on how to extend an offer of employment. Using your app probably violate those policies. The people using your ...
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Why the users are not clicking on the button?

My guess is that it is not happening because they are doing it behind the app. Companies are probably using the app: To get a filtered list from a big amount of candidates they probably have. So it ...
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Form Field Shape & Usability/Conversion Rates - Boxes vs Material Design Lines

As stated by Nielsen Norman Group, flat design has a smaller user efficiency enter link description here For usability it is best to keep labels always visible. Flat design can be more esthetic ...
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