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A very easy way is changing the hue variable of the base color while keeping the saturation and brightness intact. The hue variable ranges from 0º to 360º, that is, the entire color wheel. At the question the hue is at 214º. Pure red is at 360º or 0º and green at ≈112º. But color is not mathematics, finding the color that goes with a certain one is not a ...


In a totally pragmatic way of answering, I would say: avoid yellow. Why? Because by default, a yellow color is not accessible on white background because of its lack of contrast. See by yourself here: Live: The only way to pass the minimal requirement for the contrast is to pick a brownish color. I'm sure your don't ...


No, what's important to remember with any UX/UI design is that every person is different. In that, they will be viewing what you produce on a range of devices, with various profiles, with a range of different visual capacity in various physical environments. It's definitely worth getting away from trying to make every colour/design pixel perfect and work ...


No. You don’t even need any laptop at all for being a UX designer and none as a UI designer either.

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