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Replace the placeholder text "None selected" with "Select at least one"


Labels and instructions are necessary but sometimes aren't enough. When a control seems obvious in its usage, it can be tempting to skip the extra instruction. In this case the user is best to be guided through the process by breaking the process up into a mandatory step and an optional step. Technically this shouldn't be very difficult to implement: Remove ...


From your question, what I understood was initially nothing will be displayed on the result screen, and the user must select at least one item from the list to proceed? Is that what you are looking for? Usually, the drop-down with the checkbox acts as a filter. If the user hasn't selected any of the items from the drop-down it shows the complete result. If ...


In my opinion, you shouldn't need to group it with the dropdown list. You can just show it directly, to cut the unnecessary step.


Are you you asking about (1) a screen with multiple yes or no questions and (2) after the user selects the answer, you want the user to be able to see that the question has been answered, as well as, his/her answer? See Selected. If you have "chip" with Yes and No labels, first the color ...


The purpose of the Radio Button is to select only ONE of the other choices. And the purpose of the checkbox is can select MULTIPLE choices. So in my opinion, the application of both of them is hard to found because each of those components has its own purpose.

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