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vsz, if I put my UX Strategist head on, here's something that makes me nervous: you write, literally, that… the vast majority of the userbase is not computer-savvy at all …, but the feature you're designing here actually is pretty complex. Does your research provide enough "evidence" that your target audience would need, or at least appreciate, this ...


Toggles Others have said that the toggle indicates an immediate action, but I disagree. For me a toggle is an on/off switch, so for options or settings this is perfect. Checkboxes Whereas checkboxes are for either confirming something as complete or for selecting items, like for example in a list when you're selecting items against which to perform an ...


An alternative approach is to start with a clean slate, and let the users add new commands explicitly.


If checkboxes don't solve it for you, maybe radio buttons are a better option:

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