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There are well-established patterns for the usage of tables to display information versus using cards. As you mentioned before, it can be helpful to display pictures or graphical information in a grid of card but there are also trade-offs. In general, the benefits of displaying information in a grid of cards is based on the convenience of this implementation ...


For tables sorting and comparing are probably biggest advantages. With the fact that this UI patter is taken over from sheets, so lot of business people are used to it. For Cards I can think of - that are in some cases easier to read, more animations incl. drag and drop can be better implemented, as that they are much better for mobile / responsive.


This really depends on the kind of information and how the user is likely to use this information. Consider an e-commerce catalog for apparel. Here a card grid layout will be more relevant. Compare this to an e-commerce catalog showcasing phones or laptops. in this case, the visual will not be as important as the technical specifications. So a list maybe ...


The link is not available anymore but I think I can refer you to the right place. Google's material design. The principles are universal and can be applied cross-platform (although the iOS enthusiasts will frown at the idea): navigation that's uniform on Android and iOS, especially the 'Back' functionality creating a new card

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