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This is a good question but I am afraid the answers are going to be opinionated. My answer is based on my experiences with various apps. When a two-step exit is helpful On feed-based apps that don't/can't retain the current scroll position 9gag is actually a funny example as it does retain the scroll position. So, an accidental exit isn't as detrimental. ...


I would use a home icon like most android apps to keep it universal and distinct from the navigation. You can also use a logo or another universal icon on your app/website.


If you have the time, test the two options (one design with HOME as left-most and then one design with BACK as left-most). After testing, measure which of the two were more successful and quicker to use. If you have to take-a-shot-in-the-dark and pick one option, choose what is more familiar to the population. Do not re-invent popular rules. I would guess ...

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