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How mockups differ from a real mobile app?

Mockups, Wireframes, Prototypes These are 3 common deliverables from UX designers. Non-designers often confuse them with one another, so clarity is important for all involved. mockup: a pixel perfect ...
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Does iOS have an equivalent to Material Design's 'ripple' effect when touching a surface?

The default behavior for buttons in the Apple HIG doesn't include a ripple effect. You can check out the HIG guidelines for buttons here, which don't specify any particular behavior. However, it's ...
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How mockups differ from a real mobile app?

Mockups are pretty much UI designs showcasing what the app could look like. So at the end of the day you should be handing in images. If you feel like the client meant something else then please ...
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Change details view of iOS or Android without going back to UITableView

The back arrow has a different functionality than showing current page content, I don't think it's the best option. The problem is that within the Divisions section you are changing the title for part ...
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Should a Skeleton loading effect be used when refreshing a view with data already present?

If you already show that loading is happening (pull down a load spinner and it spins as content is loading), then you don't show an extra effect. Especially when you already have data on the screen. ...
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Are there any crucial differences between iOS and Andoid UX writing?

The obvious one would be that Apple favors minimalism, as they always have. Android of course also wants minimalism where possible, but they are more willing to sacrifice minimalism in favor of ...
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Navigating to subpage from multiple locations

Looking from the other perspective, to be specific, the code perspective, this page will be placed in one particular folder and have one URL, but can be accessed by many links and buttons within the ...
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Does WCAG A or AA require that a website support tabbing/keyboard accessibility on Android and IOS devices?

I don't test accessibility with a bluetooth keyboard with mobile devices very often. As you mentioned, I make sure the desktop browser works correctly with the keyboard and I test the desktop ...
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