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What's the most efficient brain–computer interface to play video games?

Theoretically, using signals from the brain will be more efficient compared to any interface you can design, since it still requires you to convert signals from the brain into muscle movements and ...
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Is search-responsive hierarchy accessible?

Yes, there are a ton of offer things, as keyboard navigation is a great foundation for accessibility, but only one of many criteria to take into consideration. It’s great that you are interested in ...
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Are links inside checkbox labels acceptable?

The solution 2 is the recommandation on MDN Don't place interactive elements such as anchors or buttons inside a label. Doing so makes it difficult for people to activate the form input associated ...
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What disabilities may a large video that auto-plays impact?

A video auto-playing on a website's homepage (that users didn't specifically go to for the video) will always increase your users cognitive load, distracting them from their task and risking a ...
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Formula for color contrast between text and background

I have arrived at the empirical equation if (G>180) or (R+G+B>450) then textcolor:=black else textcolor:=white where R, G, B are in interval <0, 255>.
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Is Displaying Restaurant Menu Prices A UX/Accessibility Matter?

"However, I feel webpages being an informational resource users should be able to see pricing to enable decision making." - I think you have it all wrong here. A commercial website is first ...
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Should keyboard users be able to tab outside an expanded menu.?

It appears that option C is suggested here
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