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a picture appearing as an element in a UI. Usually photographic rather than a drawn representation.

Well, here are some of the common methods: Are any of those aesthetic? Well, we are dealing with Trump. So we could argue they are all improvements. But, ultimately, no. None of these types of meth …
answered Aug 11 '15 by DA01
Do you have to use PNG files? JPGs can be compressed quite a bit more if these are photographic in nature.
answered Oct 19 '10 by DA01
Spend $30 and grab dozens of apps from the app store and try them out. Personal preferences off the top of my head: Image editing UIs I like: camera+ TiltShiftGen artRage Others to consider: photoForge photoForge2 TouchRetouch PhotoWizard Iris PerfectPhoto Brushes and many others... …
answered Jun 8 '11 by DA01
a visual design question and depends entirely on the greater context...what the content is, what the image is, what the message is, the audience, the implementation of the design, etc. If you're … asking if you should place text on an image, well, again, it all depends on the design itself. Both in terms of concept and implementation. …
answered Mar 20 '15 by DA01
Can website headers change from image to a web font across devices? Sure. Using responsive CSS breakpoints and/or JS, you can do pretty much anything you want for each particular view …
answered Dec 19 '13 by DA01
SharePoint is the spawn of the devil and should be avoided at all costs due to the vileness of it's UI in general but... ...it actually meets all 4 bullet points of your needs and is typically instal …
answered Nov 3 '14 by DA01
Completely ignore DPI settings in your image software. It has no bearing on web graphics. All that matters is pixel dimensions. A 100px x 100px image at 300dpi is the exact same image on screen as a … 100px x 100px image at 100dpi. DPI only comes into play when you're talking about print graphics. Where you may want to consider a larger image on the web, however, is with retina graphics. Again …
answered Oct 12 '12 by DA01
I've never thought about exactly WHY we hate stock photos, but I think it's related to the concept of the uncanny valley. Most cheesy business-centric stock photos look almost real, but there's alwa …
answered Nov 2 '11 by DA01
. Also, as stated in my comment, I don't think this is a 'vs.' issue. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean by 'optimized' a JPG can be both progressive and optimized. In fact, any image format for your web site should be optimized. …
answered Jul 6 '15 by DA01
professionally shot) framed over-sized as the intention is that it will be cropped. If you have that, you can then crop every image to the same aspect ratio. However, I'm guessing you don't have the …
answered May 2 '12 by DA01
Like anything, it depends. If the images are small (in dimensions) and illustrative in nature, they may compress just fine and not be much more of a download than the originals. Using sprites and su …
answered Sep 9 '14 by DA01
I think context is important here. Are we talking about a virtual 3D object? A virtual 2D object in 3D space? Are we talking about flipping the axis of an image ala PhotoShop? Is it a one-function … app? Multi-function? etc. In the context of 2D images, and assuming this is some form of image editing, I think the key is going to be a way to switch modes rather than trying to invent yet-another …
answered Apr 4 '11 by DA01
Do they need to be the same tool? They really do the same thing (rotate the image) but for different reasons. As for a cursor icon, how about a level? …
answered Jun 26 '11 by DA01
We use a base-10 system of numbers. As such, whenever grouping things, we tend to lump them into logical divisors of or multiples of 10. So, that's likely the thinking (or intuition) behind showing 1 …
answered Feb 6 '12 by DA01