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When should users be notified of a pending password expiration

Like many, I am required to change my password periodically. When it is about to expire, I am notified on the logon screen (I connect via VPN), but this notification begins two weeks (14 days) before my password will expire. Additionally, this notification consists of: "Your password will expire in nnn days. Click here to continue".

I find this somewhat intrusive, especially the "click here to continue". Is there a reason for this that I am not considering? Why is notification required at all other than after my password has actually expired?


Based on the responses so far, it seems like a clarification is in order.

  1. This is a system logon, not to a particular application, although the more I think about it, the less important that distinction becomes
  2. My passwords expire after 90 days. After expiration, I cannot log on until I create a new password (which also requires entry of the "old" expired password).
  3. There is no difference in creating a new password beforehand or after the password has expired.
  4. Between days 74 - 90, I cannot log on until I click the link.
  5. The "link" does not bring me to a page where I can change my password. It seems to be just a confirmation that I have seen the particular message.