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I couldnt find any research on how colors correlate to the color design scheme in mobiles but I did find this interesting article on the relation between colors and the type of content that is being presented on the website. To quote the article :

For companies that are centered on food and dining, use red and yellow a lot. These colors are attractive and easy to spot. Warm hues and solid colors are recommended. This is because the color red and yellow induces hunger by speeding up metabolism. This will increase the diner’s appetite, making them order more food than they should have

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Makeup and Hygiene Products

Choose colors that convey femininity, grace and cleanliness. Light, pastel colors like white, lavenders, light blues and light pinks are a great choice

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Government Agencies, Public Offices, NGOs and Organizations

When creating something for government and public agencies or organizations, keep in mind that it should appear respectable, trustworthy and dignified. Choose colors that are positive and cool, such as greens and blues. These cool colors provide a positive, public image that’s solid and built on trust. Government and NGOs love using reds, whites and blues for their logos after the US American flag. These colors are also a sign of nationalism and integrity.Choose the monochromatic or analogous color scheme. Minimize on using contrasting colors.

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Please continue reading at the article to see some more examples.

However since most apps are adaptations of existing sites, they would prefer to use the color scheme used in the website to maintain branding guidelines. However other apps would also choose their color scheme depending on their content and the general tone of what they are trying to convey.

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