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What successful/well known companies have a VP UX? [closed]

I want to research companies who value UX so much that they have their own executive arm within the company. I've found these companies so far: Wells Fargo Yahoo Intuit Google TiVo Palm Ebay SAP I ...
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29 votes
11 answers

Should alert boxes be avoided at any cost?

Thanks to Gabriel Svennerberg and Sam K for this one - raised in a comment here. I was fairly casual about alert boxes until a run of user tests where an alert box was put up to warn learners that ...
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34 votes
6 answers

Should "dangerous" buttons be big and red or small and inconspicuous?

In a web app, some people think a "Delete" button should be obvious and bright red, signifying danger. The trouble is that this draws the eye to the button and may make accidental clicks more likely. ...
16 votes
5 answers

Including users with disabilities in user centered design

Many of the methodologies used in the early phases of user centered design, such as card sorting and paper prototyping, are not accessible to people with disabilities. Anybody have any advice on ...
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8 votes
7 answers

When to use data driven personas and when to make them up?

I'm studying HCI and the focus for persona creation on my course is resolutely that personas should be derived from user research data. I also attended adaptive path's uxintensive last year and the ...
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17 votes
12 answers

When is automated remote usability testing useful?

There seem to be a fair few services these days offering automated remote usability testing, so I'm assuming there are a fair few people using those services, which implies that they ARE useful - ...
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18 votes
14 answers

Is user testing a luxury or a necessity?

I understand that you should be thinking of your users all the time but given the current climate where every pound counts, is user testing just for the richer companies? Should you discount your ...
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24 votes
28 answers

What book would you recommend as a decent 'intro to UX' aimed at non-practitioners? [closed]

Via @uxbooks on Twitter I often get asked to recommend books on various subjects. Recently I was asked which book I would recommend to a non-practitioner as an intro to UX. I opened the question up ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Do you use Personas? [closed]

I wonder how many UX designers user Personas to create design.
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23 votes
8 answers

Do we still need text scaling links on websites?

Links/buttons to adjust font size used to be one of the accessibility must-do's but do we still need to include the text scaling links on our sites? Most modern browsers and operating systems support ...
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33 votes
45 answers

What tools (ideally affordable ones) would folks recommend for creating a website wireframe? [closed]

What tools (ideally affordable ones) would folks recommend for creating a website wireframe? What tools have you used, and did you find them better than pen and paper?
130 votes
10 answers

Is Markdown Friendly Enough for Non-Technical Users?

The Problem I love using Markdown to write questions, answers, posts, comments, etc. That being said, I am a very technical, detail-oriented, programmer type. However, I am working on a CMS of sorts ...
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47 votes
23 answers

Is there ever a good reason to force opening a new browser window?

As a power web user, I know how to use my browser and it drives me nuts when web sites force me to open a new page. My mother, by contrast, just gets confused when this happens. At the end of a web ...
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99 votes
13 answers

Is Microsoft's Ribbon UI really that great, from a usability perspective?

The first time I ever used it was at my current job. Among my co-workers, the feelings towards it for usability are mixed. The other developer doesn't really care one way or the other, as long as the ...
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