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Selection of items in a grid across pages

Would you expect when making selections across multiple "pages" in a grid or other list style control that it would remember your selections? Would you expect it to forget your selections the moment ...
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Is there any difference in element minimal sizes on 10 and 24 inch touch screens?

I am developing an application which is supposed to be used on a 24" touch monitor. There are lots of guides on physical sizes of a touch screen UI elements. All of them are saying that every button/...
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Hamburger Menu - is it a good thing? [closed]

I've always been doubtful about the "Hamburger menu" in iOS apps. That is, until recently. I now think it's a really terrible device that used as just a lazy way out when you can't think of ...
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Best practices for Tabs

What are the maximum levels of tabs we can have in a web application..? I am working on financial application where i have display project information which will need atleast 3-5 levels of tabs to ...
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2 answers

The effect of showing "wizard" style steps in a multistep process

I'm approaching this from the context of a user onboarding workflow. Specifically I'm looking for references to research that discuss what effect displaying "wizard" steps actually has on user ...
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9 answers

Should the results of a calculation happen automatically, or require a button push?

This is a problem I've ran into several times, and I imagine that others have ran across it too. Basically, I have a complicated equation, and I want the user to type in the values needed to ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Location of new items in list

I have a medium-sized list (about a few dozen items, the container is very likely to have internal vertical scrolling). There is no sorting, so items are displayed in the order of their addition to ...
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2 answers

What affords scrolling?

Besides the obvious: Scrollbar Touch interfaces (especially mobile ones) A sign saying "You can scroll here you know!" This for a desktop application.
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Hamburger menu for desktop website

I'm working on a new version of a corporate website. As it stands, it has about 6 different sections. Each of those sections have between 3 to 6 sub-pages. My nav is at the top of the page and looks a ...
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3 answers

Best way to display more table columns and rows than I have room for?

I have a similar problem to what is mentioned in Best way to display more table columns than I have room for?. But to make things a little more difficult, the table has approximately 1000 rows and 64 ...
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Why do credit card forms ask for Visa, MasterCard, etc.?

You can tell if it's a Visa or MasterCard based on the number it starts with, i.e. 4 for Visa, 5 for MasterCard. Why do most billing forms request the type of card? It's not a barrier for bots (to my ...
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14 answers

How do you choose a font for extremely limited space, i.e. will fit the most READABLE text in the smallest space?

I often have very limited space when creating reports and dashboards for users. I usually use Arial, or Arial Narrow, but UI isn't my area of expertise, so I want to know, how do you determine an ...
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109 votes
12 answers

Should form 'Continue' button be disabled if validation is incomplete?

In forms we often see the 'continue' button inactive until all the required fields are complete: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups Is this actually a help to the ...
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13 answers

When a button contains text and an icon, which should come first?

Assuming I'm optimizing for making it as fast and easy as possible for most users to find the button they need, what's the optimal ordering?
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106 votes
11 answers

Should a button become lighter or darker on hover?

We're having a discussion in the office about whether a button should become lighter or darker when a user hovers over it. Here are some examples from the field: Apple "Buy Now" button (Second is ...
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4 answers

Should users be able to zoom in a responsive webdesign?

When it comes to a responsive design: should users still be able to zoom in or out? We are currently working on a responsive design and one of our testers found it awkward that he wasn't able to zoom ...
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99 votes
11 answers

How to display duration (HH:MM) so it isn't confused with clock time

I have a table in my application that shows dates along its x-axis, and different statuses along its y-axis. The table keeps track of how much time an employee spent in a given work status (on duty, ...
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93 votes
6 answers

What is the smallest screen size you design for [closed]

I'm looking to make my website responsive, however this is my first foray into responsive design, and I'm pretty clueless at the moment. I have no idea what the current state of play is with regard ...
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90 votes
13 answers

Should a web-based UI rely on the browser back button?

The back button is a great "get out of a flow's dead end" option that browsers provide. Should a UI rely on the back button as the only method to allow a user to get to the previous page or should the ...
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87 votes
8 answers

Are round check boxes confusing or an accepted standard?

I was browsing today and came across a new post by one of the designers that I follow. He had posted a new modal form which was using rounded check boxes. I have never seen these before. ...
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83 votes
8 answers

Default cursor on mouse over of a button is not a hand pointer

Why is the default cursor an arrow when you hover over an HTML <button>? I always thought that arrows let you select stuff, but hands let you execute an action. Since buttons execute actions, ...
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82 votes
22 answers

Do we need good-looking design for a program internal only to our company?

Do we need to make the user-interface look good (adding images, animations, etc.) for a program internal only to the company? Making the user-interface look good might slow the performance of the ...
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79 votes
11 answers

Should users be allowed to use any special character they want when creating a password?

I came across a number of login configuration settings where there is a list of allowable special characters and was wondering: Does this limitation cater for a specific security or usability need? ...
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9 answers

How should you show that an accordion is expanded?

When you have an accordion, you need some way of showing the current state is expanded. There are a number of different ways of handling this, and each is used by a number of respected websites and ...
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76 votes
4 answers

Is there a better way than zebra stripes

Currently we are working on a project that includes many datatables. Before deciding to use zebra stripes to make datatables easier to manage, I wanted to ask if you could advise a better solution ...
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75 votes
10 answers

Why are progress bars horizontal?

Question sparked by this discussion. Why are progress bars almost always presented as horizontal lines that increase from left to right? Is this the best method of indicating progress (and why)? And ...
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73 votes
6 answers

Preferred format to display negative currency (US English)? [closed]

Which would be the more readable way to format negative numbers: -$99.99 ($99.99) Some other format I haven't considered Details: Most of our user base has finance experience, but some have none at ...
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10 answers

Undo History - Why limit it? [closed]

Why do most applications have fairly limited 'undo' history functionality? I've been caught out on multiple occasions (granted its technically my fault) where I've needed to undo a number of changes ...
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19 answers

Form for inputting operating hours of a business

I am designing an interface where restaurants need to input their operating hours. I am thinking of using a slider control for timings for a single day, and then let the user choose days of the week ...
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65 votes
21 answers

Argument for/against splitting login process into checking username, then ask password?

My boss has insisted for a while that our login process be divided into two steps on separate pages: on the first page, ask the user's e-mail address. On the second page, either display "user found" ...
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12 answers

Is there an optimal font size?

For most website projects I've been involved with, the font size for the bulk text is usually 12px - 13px, but I'm wondering if this is a good size. I remember reading an article saying that font ...
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60 votes
11 answers

Your download will start in X seconds

Is there any reason why many websites - including very mainstream ones such as and - show a page with "Your download will start in 10 seconds; if you don't want to wait ...
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58 votes
6 answers

What's the point of a "Read full story" button?

I've noticed a lot of news websites, particularly on mobile, sometimes will cut off their story with a button you have to click to see the rest of it. I can understand why they'd do this if they ...
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55 votes
7 answers

When should you use a modal dialog box?

There seems to be an increasing use of modal dialog boxes on the web, but when should you use them? Why would you choose to use them instead of inline controls or another page, and when should you ...
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54 votes
15 answers

What are some great web-based prototyping tools? [closed]

I'm looking for a list of web-based prototyping tools and I'd like to build one up here by using StackExchange's democratic voting system. There are already some lists around the web, notably these ...
53 votes
13 answers

Better way for users to select a date range

In my application, users select a date range for which results are required. The UI looks something like this: My users don't like this, because the date picker requires them to select a specific ...
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51 votes
6 answers

Will forcing response time to the average time as a minimum improve UX?

I have a situation where my Ajax call response time could vary from 14ms to 600ms, because of the complexity of a Query they could make. From my experience Users take for granted those 20-80 ms round ...
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50 votes
5 answers

Do disabled buttons still need to be contrast compliant for accessibility?

Very related to this question: Accessible Disabled State but that is about how to style disabled buttons to make them accessibility compliant, but my question is slightly different. Is it actually an ...
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50 votes
6 answers

Are there any recent studies of the "Keyboard vs Mouse"-issue?

Back in the late 80's, Apple Human Interface concluded that the mouse is faster than the keyboard, objectively. But also that every test person subjectively thought that the keyboard was faster. ...
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48 votes
6 answers

Inline editing or modal popup

I'm interested to know what would be best the option from a UX perspective. I have a table in which I need to decide if I should edit each row with inline editing where you can click on each item in ...
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23 answers

Is there ever a good reason to force opening a new browser window?

As a power web user, I know how to use my browser and it drives me nuts when web sites force me to open a new page. My mother, by contrast, just gets confused when this happens. At the end of a web ...
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45 votes
10 answers

How to make selecting a timezone more user-friendly?

The list of time zones is rather long, lots of duplication, and not very friendly to programmers let alone end-users. Is there a way to shorten the list to something friendlier and sufficient for 80%+ ...
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44 votes
8 answers

Where can I find style guide for metro UI for web applications?

I am interested in the Metro UI that microsoft has used for windows phone 7 for web. I see that their site has been done with metro UI recently. I am looking for a style guide and ...
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44 votes
6 answers

Periods at the end of a sentence in alert message

How to classify what type of messages should've a fullstop/period and what should not? Because there are certain error/warning/success/info messages (be it a dialog, banner, contextual or ones in a ...
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43 votes
13 answers

How much should a UX professional know about front-end development?

Apologies if this is too much of a fuzzy question, I was wondering what people's thoughts were regarding the level of front-end development knowledge a UX professional (Experience Architect, Usability ...
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43 votes
22 answers

What would be a good non-religious icon to represent that a person has died? [closed]

I have an application that displays information about people in an organization and their accomplishments in the organization. It is non-religious in nature and members can be of any or no religion. ...
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42 votes
3 answers

Info Icon vs Question Mark

We're debating inside our team on whether to use a question mark icon, or an "i" icon for prompting a tooltip that reveals more info. Which do you say conveys the message better? Or, how do they ...
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41 votes
8 answers

Hamburger menu icons - should they be on the left or right?

Hamburger menus (the three small horizontal bars: the new menu icon). Should they be on the right or left? I'm only thinking of mobile and tablet applications. The pattern I see the most is on the ...
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41 votes
9 answers

What are the drawbacks of designing a Windows application to look like a Mac application?

I'm working with a company whose product is a Microsoft Windows application. As the UI/UX designer (and as a Mac user) I want to redesign the application so it is more visually appealing. Are there ...
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Documentation - do we "Click", "Push", "Press" or "Select" a button on a touch-screen interface

I'm writing some documentation for a web-based application that will run on Android tablets at the factory at which I am employed. I am having trouble wording the steps where the users must interact ...
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