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What You See Is What You Get - the principle that the information a system displays directly relates to its output. For example, word processing software inserting visual page breaks in appropriate places depending on the print settings.

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User friendliness of 'floating' WYSIWYG editors such as Medium and Summernote 'Airmode' [closed]

Currently there are some WYIWYG editors ( and summernote airmode)that provide a 'floating' toolbar to edit the text. I.e. The user highlights the text and a toolbar shows up above the text ...
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How to open inline text editor not selecting a text?

There is inline text editor which opens when you select some text. You can also insert images using the editor, but first you have to select text. This approach looks a bit silly to me, so I'm ...
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Caret positioning in HTML/richtext WYSIWYG editor

This markup: first<strong>second</strong> gets rendered as firstsecond and now consider the task of inserting character in between first and second words. User should be able (...
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Should paragraphs in WYSIWYG editor have vertical margins

In a WYSIWYG editor for forum posts, should there be vertical margins between paragraphs? In other words, should the enter key produce a vertical space? Either way, the other style can be simulated (...
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What's the best way to present variables in a WYSIWYG editor?

I'm working on a WYSIWYG editor, similar to We need to support variables inside the editor. For example, you might want to add text: Hi, *|FNAME|* which would be replaced with Hi, Gustavs ...
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In WYSIWYG editors, why for headings the whole paragraph turns into a heading, instead of just the selected text?

In WYSIWYG editors, when you select some text and try to format it as a heading the whole paragraph turns into a heading, rather than just the selected text. With all other elements (bold, italic, etc....
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What kind of text editor should I use for a reddit-like website?

I'm creating a website that is similar to reddit that focus on storytelling, art & literature, and having so much trouble choosing a text editor. I want some basic text editing (bold, italic, ...
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What is the best way to indicate an element is resizeable by dragging at the bottom right corner?

I am building a kind of "what you see is what you get" web editor, I have a couple of widgets, buttons, slideshows, images, which are resizeable by dragging the bottom right corner only, like an html ...
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WYSIWYG vs MarkDown - is there a middle ground?

I'm trying to figure out how to let my users edit their content on my site. It's currently just text formatted depending on the screenwidth, but I'd like to give them more control over their content: ...
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Side by Side, Stacked, or something else?

I am creating a property manager module for our CMS, one of the forms is very basic, but I am having trouble getting what should be the most appropriate layout for the form. Below is a screenshot of ...
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Does the use of a WYSIWYG editor by itself improve the UX?

As someone with a lot of background writing low-level software, I've always felt a strong dislike for WYSIWYGs such as CKEditor or TinyMCE in the browser. To me they are mostly problematic, as they ...
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