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A wireframe is a visual representation of the user interface that varies in the degree of fidelity to the actual user interface depending on its purpose.

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Which prototyping tools? [closed]

This links heavily into the following question: What are some great web-based prototyping tools? However I didn't want to limit the suggestions to "Web Based" tools, I have found and used the ...
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What tools (ideally affordable ones) would folks recommend for creating a website wireframe? [closed]

What tools (ideally affordable ones) would folks recommend for creating a website wireframe? What tools have you used, and did you find them better than pen and paper?
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Pixel precision of wireframes?

I was asked to design a series of interactive wireframes using Axure for client who wanted to see how we would approach a design process. I made the designs in grey scale in relatively medium fidelity ...
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What is the difference between wireframing and prototyping?

What is the difference between wireframing and prototyping? Am I right to think that prototypes should be interactive and wireframes should be static?
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Using color in this a "no no"?

Recently, an internal debate was started at work regarding the use of color in wireframes. A junior designer had finished a nice set of wireframes and was told at the end to turn everything into ...
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How can animations be depicted in wireframes effectively?

I came across a question on Quora about jQuery animations in wireframes, which got me thinking about the general conventions in depicting any animation in static wireframes. I've been using either ...
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Whats the best way to present interface ideas to stakeholders?

My current preferred method of developing and testing ideas for interfaces I'm designing is creating interactive, sketchy, grayscale prototypes using Axure. I find using grayscale helps put the focus ...
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Caption below or above image for navigation purposes?

It was already discussed here that for layout purposes, where images and video appear on a web page, ordinary captions are probably best placed below the graphic — largely due to convention. I want ...
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Best practices for interactive prototypes deliverables?

I'm introducing Axure prototypes to a client for the first time. While Axure offers very detailed annotations and specs, I think it's overkill for this project—a scheduling application for internal ...
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How much detail in wireframes?

How much detail should you put in your wireframes? I have been creating a lot lately and I usually end up putting a lot more detail in something that I am handing off to another designer; whereas if ...
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3 answers

Google Drawing - Wireframing? [closed]

I just read an article about Google Drawing (part of Google Docs) and how useful it is for wireframing. Do you have experience with Google Drawing for wireframes, that could give feedback on how ...
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What is some general advice for demoing wireframes to clients? [closed]

I've been working on a web app, and have gotten the wireframes pretty far along, based on initial in-house research & discussion. The biz guys are eager to set up some demos of the wireframes to ...
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UX Management: Best Practice for Wireframe/Prototype Deliverable Evaluation

On the User Experience Management side of things, how do you evaluate a User Experience Designer's wireframes/prototypes as far as skill progression goes? What metrics or criteria should be used to ...
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Best position and labels for buttons on an order creation page

I have a "create order" interface which already includes several buttons. Please have a look at the screenshot below: ![enter image description here][1] My Question: I need to add a new button ("...
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How to build website mockups / interface design? [closed]

Is there any other way to design websites besides Photoshop? I want to quickly build wireframes / mockups of the new user interface and I want to move the UI elements and rearrange them.
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Advice on collaboration with creatives and developers?

Our current workflow has creatives receiving wireframes from a rather green UX designer. Our creatives then design too constrained to said wireframes. When I receive the design I find many UX flaws ...
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