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Questions tagged [windows-phone-7]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is a mobile phone operating system. Questions having this tag refer to the User Experience of the Windows Phone 7.

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44 votes
8 answers

Where can I find style guide for metro UI for web applications?

I am interested in the Metro UI that microsoft has used for windows phone 7 for web. I see that their site has been done with metro UI recently. I am looking for a style guide and ...
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27 votes
17 answers

Tools for creating mockups for mobile device UIs [closed]

I am looking for tools that can help me to create UI mockups for different mobile phones such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. Is there any application that can do this?
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6 votes
2 answers

Two step selection in windows phone 7

How to display this two step selection dialog in a native way in WP7: States (in my case approximately 40 entries) Cities (in my case 1-15 entries) Here are my thoughts I want to discuss with you ...
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