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Standard for using the system tray?

I'm building an application which will be "running in the system tray" (an icon will be shown there) and a menu will be shown when the user clicks on the icon When I look at different applications I ...
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Is there a modern reimplementation of Elastic Windows?

Elastic Windows is a windowing approach where windows are organized in a hierarchical fashion on a space filling tiled layout, developed by Eser Kandogan and Ben Shneiderman between 1996 and 1998. ...
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Multi-window workspace - how to handle resizing the parent window

I'm working on improving the UX of one of our web applications. This is an application that runs as an intranet app. The old style basically was a simple menu on the left and the current page on the ...
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Is there a benefit to Mac OSX red/yellow/green title bar buttons being so small? [closed]

In Mac OS X, the red/yellow/green buttons in window title bars are much smaller and closely-spaced compared to other UI elements like toolbar buttons. Making UI elements small makes them harder to ...
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Is there a good reason to open a SEPARATE WINDOW when user clicks login?

I use Walmart's Bluebird card (basically a pre-paid card which I deposit money in). When I go to their website ( and click "Login", my browser opens a brand new window. This new ...
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What behaviour is acceptable for checking data back in when a browser window is closed?

I am designing a tool within a webpage where users can check out a dataset, make changes to it, then check the data back in so that another user can work on it. I have covered the eventualities of ...
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Best browser solution for secondary window

I'm writing a web app for accountants managing employee salaries in organizations. The accountants request is while editing an employee salary form parameters to preview it's Paycheck report. The only ...
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Are there studies on how well window glueing is received?

I'm curious if there are any studies or articles on this issue. What I'm thinking about is for example the Winamp implementation where there was a main window and all other windows could be glued to ...
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UX Patterns for Multi-Monitor Thick Client Apps

I am building an application (Thick Client/WPF) that will run on systems that vary in specifications from a single monitor to multiple monitors. I am trying to think through the navigation and screen ...
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Dealing with multi-window interfaces for desktop applications?

In the case where a single desktop application has many different screens, and a user may (or may not depending on the task) need to see more than one screen at a time, which approach is best for ...
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Opening terms and conditions at bottom of form in a new window/tab

I completely agree that you shouldn't open content in new windows/tabs and always try and advise this to clients. One area where they seem to take issue with this is on forms where the last item is an ...
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position-based application switching in traditional window managers

I have a related question on SU that is asking for any tools which apply this concept: Suppose that I've got a perfectly reasonable set of two terminal windows, two web browsers, and one email ...
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What is better - window buttons on the left (OS X) or on the right (Windows)? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: close button on the left or right side? Windows has window buttons (minimize, maximize, close) on the right, OS X on the left. Is one of these objectively better or is it only ...
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How to handle Desktop Application frame sizing/scaling

I am working on a new project which is focused on a desktop application for users. I am looking to find out more information, answers, best practices when it comes to handling sizing and scaling with ...
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TDI vs SDI - when should an app that saves files to disk have one window per "document"?

tl;dr How should an application handle windows for content-savable-to-disk (sort of documents) behave under an OS that has menu-bar-per-window (Windows, Gnome Shell) and under an OS that has single OS-...
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Opening website external links in new window -- published usability tests

In usability discussions about opening website external links in new windows, with regard to the argument of "keeping users on the site" there are occasionally references to usability studies which ...
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Usability of window docking

I'm working on a WPF desktop application. A stakeholder requested window docking (like Visual Studio 2010) for managing multiple windows inside the application. This option makes sense for the design ...
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Managing multiple windows in one application

I am developing a desktop application to create, arrange and read blocs of sounds, via a grid interface like this : Each bloc of sound is of different nature and has its own panel to control its ...
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Is it okay to open a help link in a new window?

I have read Jacob Nielson's usability book and he says links should never open in a new window. Here are some of his reasons: Novice users cannot manage multiple windows and become disoriented. The ...
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Are some of Windows 7's UI less intuitive than previous versions? [closed]

One feature I can't understand is the minimize to desktop button. I can't imagine why it is more intuitive to put it as this little tiny transparent strip on the bottom right hand side instead of ...
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What is the best way to manage windows?

There are a few possibilities out there for window management. In Mac OS, the bottom right corner of every window is draggable and will resize a window. There is no window border. Window controls for ...
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