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Draggable widget - how to indicate draggability

I have a popup Javascript widget with an icon that is embedded into the right-hand corner of my site (by default.) The user can drag and drop the widget icon to another corner of the site if they wish,...
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Widget to enter 3 numbers that must add up to 1

I need the user to select 3 numbers that add up to 1, let's call them x, y, and z. I could have a slider for x and y. Then z would simply be 1 - x - y. But what if the user slides x to 1 and y to ...
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a11y - Captioning for videos with accompanying text and no audio

We sell a widget. And we're building a webpage for the widget. We have a section on the webpage where we want to show a text description of a feature of that widget, and below the description, we show ...
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Best way to save and apply template to a widget

I am working on a SAAS project where users create widgets to their websites. One of their abilities is to create a messaging template and apply it to their widgets. When saving a template, the user ...
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What is the best way to change proportions?

I would like to find the best widget(s) to change proportions. Let's say I have 2 to 12 parts that sum up to 100%. I would like to create a widget where the user could those parts as they want. For ...
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How to display a chart which has larger dataset in a dashboard widget?

I have a dashboard which display different charts as equal sized widgets.The issue with my current UI is when there is more data labels and data sets the charts looks compressed. Is there a better ...
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Is the command palette a UX tool only for power users? Or can they be used effectively by non-technical users?

Command Palette VS Code is equally accessible from the keyboard. The most important key combination to know is Ctrl+Shift+P, which brings up the Command Palette . From here, you have access to all of ...
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What is the name of the widget that is used for showing tutorials about a frontend app

There are some sites I've been on where, the first time you visit it, it will show you a little tutorial. The tutorial will have big round animations that encircle a button and say something like "...
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Confusing UX for Recursive report parameter

I've been tasked with implementing a report parameter that contains other report parameters, for a reporting software I'm working on. The UI, as described to me is really confusing, but I am at a loss ...
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Text input with links without using markdown-like conventions?

How to make a usable and understandable solution to provide (non-webmaster) user with the way to input text with one or more hyperlinks in it? Markdown-like solutions, which require the user to follow ...
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What is the best user interface widget for ternary data?

In a form design, wizard people can define mark fields and then state how important there are. Some fields will always be in the form (for other purposes). However, for one such field a person can ...
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How can I display chat widget on mobile without affecting other artifacts?

I want to know a best way to display user chat icons on mobile, as these widgets are overlapping with other artifacts of screen. In mobile due to lack of space, overlapping of icons is appearing. ...
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Unit to display for 00:00 minute:second format [duplicate]

What would be a way of making clear the distinction between 00:00 min:sec format and 00:00 hour:min format? Due to spacing constraints (driven by specific client specs regarding font sizes; this is an ...
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How to describe elements/widgets properly?

We are making widgets for a corporate website and I'm trying to figure out the best way to describe them. Something like writing a documentation. There are at least 10 of these, but here is one ...
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What is the best way to convey "This window is non-editable info right now, but you can click here to edit it" on macOS?

I'm looking to create a macOS UI that lists some information about an item. If the user has sufficient permissions (i.e. is an Admin), they should be able to turn this read-only info UI into a read-...
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Facebook widget or just a link out to facebook?

Just wondering what thoughts are on using the Facebook widget? Ive had a comment that just using a link out to facebook is a bit old fashioned. My own opinion is that widgets are not nice experience, ...
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Adding non-related widgets to dashboards

Im currently designing an internal application which will get used by a large amount of employees in our company. The application will be used for stuff like managing customer data, changing contracts,...
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Widget for rating how well users remember a word

In my app users should be able to rate how much they "know" a word, meaning how much they can recall it's meaning. My other related question: Hanging panel after user Click Given that, there's also ...
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Two dimensional selection widget

I am working on 2d selection widget that should be optimal for touch and mouse modality equally. The widget goal is to change two different properties of a primitive(can be any shape - a circle or ...
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What do you call a UX component that opens a box with a chat or virtual assistant?

I mean that bar that appears at the bottom of some sites, saying something like "Chat with customer support". When you click on it, it slides up to become a chat box.
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What do you call a GUI widget that slides out from the left or right?

In mobile applications, many times you have the main content taking up the entire screen but there is a settings page also. To reach the settings page you can to put your finger on the left or right ...
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Weather widget night/day theme

I am developing a Weather Widget for an iOS app. Basically what this widget will do is allow the user to select a city and return it's current temperature and weather. The user can either refresh the ...
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Mobile friendly price slider

I want to design a range filter for an ecommerce platform that has excellent UX for mobile users. Here's the basic interaction I could make 1) Where do I put the current range (when slider is not ...
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Proper UX on a Widget dropdown menu

I am designing for a piece of web-based software that has a drag-n-drop functionality for "widgets" that can be placed in one of three columns. Over the 2 years of development the list of widgets ...
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How small can I get away with making various logos on Dashboard

I'm designing a web-dashboard. The front page has a 3x3 grid of widgets. In one of the widgets we include the clients' logo. How small should I dare go with the logo?
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Should I label (before) or subtitle (after) a number in dataviz/widget?

Discussing about donut chart in Is multistability a good thing on a donut?, a question arise. Discarding the pertinence of donut chart, do you have arguments/studies that would favor one of the ...
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Horizontal scrolling widget for mobile webpage?

I'm looking for a widget that is similar to what the iphone uses as a datepicker (found here), only horizontal. Does anyone know what this would formally be called? I've been looking all over and can'...
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