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Get the user to accept Terms & Conditions when signing up with OAuth

The register form I'm working on allows the user to sign up using their Facebook account or to create a new account by typing their email and password. Here a mockup: Currently, clicking on the ...
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Create and edit M:N binding in large tables in GUI/Web app?

How to enable end-user to create M:N bindings for large multi-column tables? In our case there are tables up to thousands items large. Each table has number of columns. For example Cars (...
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Should buttons' position/placement be standardised across the whole platform?

I know that there have been threads about button placement, however what I'm asking is not a specific case. Rather, I would like to know regardless of contexts, should button placements be ...
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What's the standard way to show downloading notification to user for file downloads that require authorization in web applications?

Our web application needs to enable secured file download by requiring HTTP requests to have authorization token. Due to this, when user clicks download the file will be retrieved using AJAX GET ...
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Has there been research into user behaviour on clipboard hijacking in browsers?

There is a number of questions on the likes of super user asking to disable clipboard hijacking such as this question. Personally I hate when sites do this and have a feeling it's partly because ...
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