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Do people use `jump to top of page` links?

I'm talking about links or buttons at the bottom of the page or screen simply linking to the top of the website. Is there any data on that? Are they used more frequently on long pages? What about ...
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Is there evidence to suggest that designing tabs within tabs creates a bad user experience?

I'm designing a complex web application and my colleague believes that using a tab panel is a bad idea. I'm more ambivalent. Can anyone point to any evidence (anecdotal or research-based) that could ...
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Is the browser back button still the second most used navigation feature?

In 1999 Jakob Nielsen stated that "the Back button is the lifeline of the Web user and the second-most used navigation feature (after following hypertext links)". But the web has evolved since then, ...
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Is it acceptable to open a modal popup on top of another modal popup? [duplicate]

On the web, is it wise to allow a modal popup (B) to be opened from another modal popup (A)? If modal popup B were to be closed, the user would again be viewing modal popup A. I am asking as I can ...
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How to showcase UX work?

Presenting your UX design on the portfolio is more than just showing off some screenshots of the wireframe or finished graphics. I am just wondering what your thoughts are on the ideal way to display ...
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Should iOS native app be distinctly different than the responsive website's mobile version?

I was in a training session, where a room full of designers were learning iOS prototyping in Xcode, and there was an individual there who came from Apple to make sure everything in the course was done ...
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Table with actions per row

One of the pages in our web app includes a table that typically has a few dozen rows for each user, and it takes most of the page's width (5-8 columns). For each row, users can perform 3 possible ...
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Are HTTP error codes user-friendly?

Why do we still have these HTTP error codes? For me it seems like they are completely useless for the user (not for all but most of them). It says nothing helpful (look at the screenshot above, it ...
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Should I optimize my website for non-JavaScript users?

I have been working on a website which relies mainly on Ajax calls and jQuery to provide a rich user interface. Though the site looks just fine without JavaScript enabled. Some features like Login and ...
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Why do people not notice our enormous, prominent, clear and contrasting purple banner?

I'm part of a MediaWiki site called D&D Wiki. Among others, one of our longstanding issues in the public eye was our failure to label clearly enough that certain pages are categorised 'Homebrew', ...
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9 answers

What color for error messages for a form with a red background?

I have a big website with some forms. There are four background-colours for the form components. One of them is pink/red. Here the image and the error message: I can't change the form background-...
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14 votes
3 answers

Why do websites use "you are being redirected..." pages?

Frequently after logging in a website - specially old ones - I see the following: Welcome! You are being redirected, please click here if your browser does not redirect you. And similar pages ...
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7 answers

How do I choose between disabled input fields and plain text for a read only view?

For displaying a readonly details views of a certain item on a website, is there a general rule to choose between disabled input fields or labels/plain text? In this situation, first an overview of ...
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What's the official name of concept of input boxes with tags?

I'm looking for an implementation and the (official) name of this kind of control where it's a inputbox where we can add multiple tags into it. By example, it is used in JIRA like this capture (and ...
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How to use the "help" cursor property?

The W3C allows different CSS cursor properties. Some of them are really common, and I think a majority of users understand them because they saw them per default on any website (text when the text ...
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Convention for showing that one of two web form inputs are required? [duplicate]

It's a common convention in web form design to mark required fields with an asterisk. Is there any way to denote that one of a pair of fields is required? In other words, a form like this: ...
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Are SSL certificates needed to get the trust of a visitor, even if no data is sent?

An SSL certificate can be used to encrypt data. I see a lot of websites that use an SSL certificate, even though they don't need to encrypt data since no confidential data is sent. Why do they do ...
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2 answers

What is the usage rate for users navigating form input fields via the 'tab' key vs. mouse clicks?

On my current project, we are debating the usage of replacing input fields (checkboxes, radio buttons, and select dropdowns) with styled choices via javascript. However, it breaks the support of ...
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Displaying custom vs default settings

In many interfaces, there is a set of default settings and then a need for the user to be able to override those with custom settings. Do you have any examples of how to handle this well in an ...
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What is the best way to tell users to scroll down in browsers?

what is the best way to tell users to scroll down in browsers? Tests showed, that users do not scroll to the original message (which they need to answer questions):
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1 answer

Testing web site accessibility for blind

As a sighted person who does not know any blind people, how can I test that a web page will work reasonably on either screen reader or Braille terminal? There is various advice what to use and not ...
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Selecting all contents of an input field of text type when focusing

I am working on a registration form for a web application which requires you to enter your first name, last name, date of birth, address and so forth. If the user fills out all of the fields we are ...
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When to use each type of delete confirmation?

So there are several types and variations of delete confirmation, for example: confirmation modal popover delete confirmation in new page replacing the delete button with a tiny/small confirmation ...
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2 answers

Should a web-based non-modal dialog prevent users from leaving it via keyboard access?

Say that a dialog is non-modal, meaning that a user can use the mouse to interact with elements outside of the dialog without closing it. Does this also mean that the user should also be able to ...
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collapsible panel and delete button in a web application

I'm developing a web application and I need some advice on where to place the delete button Users can create, modify or delete items arranged as a list of vertically aligned elements. Each element ...
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Date picker showing by week, is showing the month necessary?

I am trying to design a date picker for booking an appointment, and I think that, the most natural way of choosing a date is not by a calendar (showing full month) but by showing by week. Currently my ...
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How fast should a website load?

The title almost says it all. How fast should a website load? Searching this question brings a lot of different stories (most around 2011). Here they say that 50% of the users expect that the site ...
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