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Systems of orienting a user within an environment, such as road signs or signage in an airport.

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What percentage of average users know about Find (ctrl or cmd + f), and Find and Replace, native to applications? [duplicate]

I'm having trouble finding recent data on what percentage of average users use, or even know about, the Find feature native to most applications. I recently found a mention of a white collar worker ...
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Is it ok to Quick Nav selectively, not universally?

First, to keep us on the same page this is what I mean when I am saying Quick Nav. (Example from Lonely Planet) It is supplementary navigation to inform you what is on the page and send you down to ...
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Why are messages on the road printed in reverse?

After reading this question, something occurred to me that I've always wondered - but never thought to ask. Why are road messages/signs printed in reverse? (source Anytime I ...
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