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How do I express these instructions to a user in the most user-friendly way?

Here I have a screen which is intended for the user to search for and outline their yard with a set of tools in the toolbar (The pen and scissor tool is toggled when tapped). I need to explain the ...
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Walkthrough to explain unusual information

I am designing a medical application related to physical rehabilitation and I have hit a wall. I have several screens in which the user will do several physical exercises - their rehab training. The ...
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New dashboard feature walkthrough

I am currently designing a new dashboard feature for a data-driven recruitment managers. Feature should allow them to manage costs of their current positions and edit/delete/view them for a more ...
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What is the best approach for showing the user instructions?

Our app has a fairly involved process of pairing with an adhesive patch via Bluetooth. This process is illustrated on a series of screens connected via Next/Back buttons. For users of this app, this ...
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Gamification app walkthrough description

We're creating a gamification application that uses crowd sourced data to track animals within a region. On the first page of the walkthrough, the product owner has stated that we should state the ...
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What are some solid practices for product walkthroughs?

I'm on the starting side of a six month UX engagement and it's a contractor's dream - a complete tear down of the old messaging, including the public facing website. One of the big things that we have ...
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How long should a good onboarding experience be?

I'm currently investigating and preparing to add, quite soon, a tool to welcome and guide a first-time users to the service we are offering, show them around, and explain where is everything located. ...
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image first or text content first?

Lets consider the following senario: I'm building a website for a mobile application and I have to create a text/image walkthrough for new users. Should I set first the text content and then add the ...
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How should I approach a video tutorial for a responsive web app?

When creating tutorials (video or otherwise) for a responsive web app, what size should I show the interface at? Mobile? Desktop? Should they be separate videos?
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First launch tutorial - Stacked screenshots vs. overlayed bubbles?

When the user first launches our mobile application, we would like him to go through a few steps explaining the main features/controls of the interface. I see two possibilities: a series of stacked ...
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