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What should I call a Switch (UI component) for users?

My (mobile) interface uses switches, like this one: What should I call this component for users? I want to add a small text to my interface explaining what switches to choose in which situations so ...
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The Pinterest Trap

First a bit of context: I have been falling victim more and more to "Pinterestization" or the "Pinterest Trap" in my design. I have a feeling I'm not the only one. See this excerpt from Hana Schank ...
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Vocabulary for a common interface bug

As I am building more sites with more asynchronously-loaded features, I am running up against a certain type of negative effect, which I am also finding quite a lot while browsing the web: 1) User ...
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What is the correct meaning of "slider"?

I'm confused by the word "slider". It seems to be used interchangeably for two quite different types of UI control. An input allowing selecting of a point on a numeric scale, as in the ...
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Is there a widely-understood visual metaphor for using part or all of an existing item to make a new one? [closed]

I'm looking to convey the following functionality to users: able to take part or all of an existing short text entry and make a new, related text entry from it. For example, if a user encounters the ...
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3 answers

Same or different visualisation for validation errors and concurrency errors?

In our application we use several forms for data input. Validation errors are shown beneath the corresponding input field (inline validation). Now we will also introduce a concept for concurrency ...
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2 answers

Whats the best way to represent private pages in an information architecture map?

I am creating an information architecture map for a site I am working on. 90% of the site is visible to all on the Internet, but the 10% is available for users, based on their role. My question is ...
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24 votes
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Is there a visual glossary of (Windows) UI controls?

Some days it seems every member of my team calls each control by a different name. Is there a good resource, preferably with images, for what the official name of each control type is? I found a few ...
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Visual language development

I used to design UI in pretty disorganized way, starting with page mockups right away, detailing them, and then wondering why my designs are mostly crappy. Having read Alan Cooper's ‘About Face’, I ...
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