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Did guestbook features on websites exist? Are they still used these days?

An older client asked about creating a 'guestbook' feature for a content based website, and it reminded me of going to places in the past and writing down comments on a guestbook, which served both as ...
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Why are visitor counters for websites not used any more?

I remember in the early days of the Internet one of the most prominent things on a website was the visitor counter, and a lot of effort sometimes went into making them aesthetically pleasing to view ...
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Customer gets to PayPal checkout page but not paying

I have an e-commerce store where I sell templates, I have been noticing that my customers/visitors usually gets to the PayPal checkout page but not paying. Well, they can't get to that page if they ...
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How to determine Internet usage experience

How much experience a web site visitor has with Internet usage could help us decide what structure, functionality and design we should focus on. If the target group is novice users we need to build ...
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to have or to not have multiple categories [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Including unique content under multiple navigation trees It's simple - how visitors respond to one product/item placed in multiple categories? Is it considered as benefit or ...
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