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Virtual reality is a computer-simulated environment that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds. In a broader sense it is about all interfaces that encompass your entire vision.

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How should I label restart/resume buttons for a device passed from user to user?

I am working on a virtual reality application that is designed to be passed from user to user. We detect when someone removes the headset from their face, and detect when the headset is activated ...
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iPhone: what combination of gestures should I use to manipulate a 3D model?

I am working on an AR map where I load a model onto the screen, and I'd like to allow the user to do the following: Scale size Move up/own/sideways, so basically X/Y axes. Move forward/backward, z ...
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Are real objects more intuitive than plain UI elements in VR?

I´m analysing various VR apps and I found Tvori, and I love how it handles the different actions that can be done, because instead of using interface elements such as icons or buttons, it uses real ...
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How they are able to interact with virtual world without having to wear or hold any VR device in Mixed Reality? [closed]

I watched this video about an Interactive Mixed Reality game show and I would like to try out mixed reality in Unreal. I noticed they don't use any VR headset or using any handheld device to interact ...
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Using virtual-reality as user interface

I want to know about how to use a virtual-reality as user interface. Examples of virtual-reality interfaces are modern time AAA role playing games, like "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim", "The Witcher 3" ...
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Show full chatbot discussion?

I am designing a guiding chatbot that shows you around in a virtual tour and helps you make a decision about buying that property. Now as it is a moving bot which also shows and points out on the ...
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How to arrange 3x2 thumbnails when their number is less than 6?

I'm creating a thumbnail selection menu for VR. They are arranged as 3x2: How should I organize them when where are less than 6 thumbnails? (e.g. 2 or 5?) Note: the user can see the previous/next ...
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What resources exist for designing virtual reality experiences?

I'd like to read some resources on VR. Interests include: Major 'no-nos' for immersive experiences; Design patterns for VR Case studies of VR products Hidden difficulties with the practicality of ...
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Where did the in-air pointing and pinching gestures come from for AR and VR?

I'm seeing a lot of tech demos lately that feature the user of an AR or VR system using a pinch in air or point in air gesture. I'm wondering where this convention came from. For touchscreen gestures, ...
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Prototype tools for Virtual Reality

I appreciate it if anyone can share your real experience about this topic. I already made paper prototypes and video concepts for this kind of project, but maybe someone already knows a particular ...
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Can Virtual Reality be a Substitute for Real Life Experiences? [closed]

Why should I use Virtual Reality in real life? A lot of businesses and individuals are using VR like a force fit usage in so many things in daily life where it may not be required. e.g. VR roller ...
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What is the viability and alternatives to using a mouse in VR? (oculus rift)

Will many users use a mouse in VR or is this be disconcerting and cause motion-sickness? Or is it just nonsensical to use a mouse in VR. How would you go about porting the UI/UX of a drag and drop ...
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What VR like Oculus Rift formally brings?

Is there a list of operations that, when performed using an adapted VR environment (e.g. a custom interface designed for VR), have been proven to be (significantly) more efficient than when performed ...
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Are there studies about software ergonomics with data glasses?

I saw this post about usability heuristics for wearables. Since such devices seem to be tech trendy, if I may say, I assumed there would be some studies about ergonomics with A-R glasses, yet I can't ...
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Best way to present long texts in VR

NOTE: Virtual Reality is a developing field. The Facebook Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus just being some of the players. A lot of time is put into UX design as that's the hardest part to nail, so when ...
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