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The orientation of a device viewport: landscape or portrait.

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Is the default orientation for mobile devices hardware or software specific?

I have noticed that when switching between one mobile application to another, sometimes the orientation of the user interface changes so that I have to rotate the screen 180 degrees so that it is ...
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What is the default behaviour for device orientation when switching between apps?

I think there is probably a technical dependency involved, but I will ask the question from a user experience perspective. Many mobile devices run apps that have a default orientation (i.e. landscape ...
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Best practice for game navigation - portrait orientation for menus and landscape for actual game screen?

I've been working on a mobile game and I'd like to know your opinion on the usability. The game must be played in landscape mode but the other screens such as menus/home screens have a listview and I'...
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Enforce or assume an orientation for the layout of a mobile web application

When designing a mobile layout in a web application, is it fine to assume a given orientation (horizontal or vertical) or to ask to the user to adopt a specific orientation? I have seen several ...
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How to choose the right orientation for a specific tablet app?

I'm going to work on a tablet application, for which I cannot decide if it should have vertical or horizontal interface. While I cannot reveal details of the project, I can tell that this app is going ...
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Should viewport rotation be an option rather than a default on mobile devices?

Rotating a mobile device has unpredictable effects: Depending on OS and app rotating the device can have no effect, or it lays out the content to the new screen orientation, potentially showing a very ...
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