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Are there guidelines for Viewer-friendly interface design?

For clarification: Viewer-friendly interface Any computer interface that is designed to be seen on television, as opposed to actually be useful for the user. Movies and television often show user-...
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Making users upload vertical images into a horizontal container

How can I improve the experience for the uploader & viewer when dealing with a horizontal container and a vertical image (uploaded by a user)? I would like to avoid scaling and centering the ...
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Toolbar of digital signatures

Where I work, we have one of our systems in a web viewer for PDF files signed with the extension ". P7s." We are doing a toolbar similar to the adobe reader (picture below). The panel is also of ...
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Well designed log viewers [closed]

I am looking at examples of well designed and easy to use log viewers as some examples for a web application I am working on. The web application has a logging system that logs events on various ...
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Dialog asking to save changes when doing a selection change?

In our desktop application we have a viewer which shows the content of a selected item (both, viewer and list, are located in the same window). When the user selects a different item, its content will ...
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mobile app that displays location based information

I am developing a small web based app that will scan QR codes and generate lists of local businesses such as hotels, restaurants etc. The list can be rendered as, well, a list or as a series of pins ...
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What do you think which are the best Gallery Viewer plugins from UX point of view? Why?

Today I saw that Facebook has changed again it's gallery viewer but in my opinion it is still not the best! too slow too gray hard to distinguish from bakcground I have seen many, much more ...
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