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A "View" is a single display unit, typically intended to relay a single theme or purpose while also branching out to other Views.

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Admin Onboarding

Seeking guidance from the community. Im designing the onboarding flow for an alpha release of a SAAS product aimed at employee engagement. One of the primary persona is an HR admin, who most likely is ...
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Setting up views - empty means none or empty means all?

I have a large set of data and I need to create specific views of it and display those views to specific user groups. I am having a disagreement with my dev team on what it means to not specify user ...
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should i show action button in table header while designing for Webapp

I am going to design a table view but I have a problem that I wanted to show the action button. I am confused it is okay to show the action button in the Table header.
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View to Edit Mode *with a Wizard at the end* [closed]

I am working on a web app designed for accountants/agents with multiple companies to take care of. One of the main flows the user does is to enter a company details to modify one or multiple sections. ...
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Toggle buttons - what do you think of using them in SaaS platform if description is still necessary?

I'm wondering if using a toggle button to enable different views of the data indicated on the platforms is the right solution, especially if the toggle button needs a description so the user is able ...
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Name for flexible view-based layout like in Photoshop, Eclipse, Blender?

Is there an established name for the visualization and interaction based on movable views as in Photoshop, Eclipse, Blender, etc.? I refer to: a screen with some global controls onto which a set ...
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Application List View

I wanted help in designing the Applications List view. We have different applications that are grouped under categories. Eg: Social media - Skype, Slack etc. Box Grid In this view we have white ...
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3 answers

In a table of contents in an Admin area, where should the VIEW link be placed

On the image below, the title 'Admin access' is a link that allows you to view the user role. At the same time, under the 'actions' section there is also a button (eye icon) that does the same thing. ...
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Do these vertically swipeable views have a standard name?

So I've noticed this type of view appearing across a variety of popular apps recently, including Music (iOS), Google Maps, and recently also Twitter: It extends only partially from the bottom of the ...
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Content not viewable due to page scroll

Context We deal with a lot of data in our product. Mostly we design list views in such a way that when you click on any row in the list view you get to see the detail view on the right side of the ...
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Application navigation when there are multiple main navigation possibilities?

What's the best way to present main navigation for a site where you login and have access to two products, that have some different navigation. 3 navigations: 1) External page, about us, products ...
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On modal window, Is it necessary to put the word "VIEW" ITEM in the title of the modal after clicking a VIEW ITEM button or in a dropdown?

Example below is viewing a quote: A - View quote as the title (quote number as part of the content) B - Quote number as title and removed it from the content
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As per usability which view is better to show product hierarchy: Horizontal view or Vertical view?

I am facing problem to show complete hierarchy of consumer product for a company where products can be up to 500. And hierarchy can be up to 7 level. I am attaching 4 level horizontal & vertical ...
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Adding subitems/children objects from the parent view

I have a page where users can start a 'timer'. Users can add an Attachment to this timer. So attachments are child objects of a timer. In the timer page, it's important that there is as little ...
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Custom column view - toggle switch + switch button

It was quite hard to title this issue - We are giving customers a possibility to customize their table view. They can decide, which fields will be visible as columns in table and which will appear in ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Assigning permission - lengthy feature list experience

Task: User can assign the feature to applications. Problem statement: 1. Need to show all 25 feature list to user but in a better way. Is it a good experience to show all 25 features with UI Controls(...
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View mode or always in edit mode

I have a table with an accordion expander for viewing additional information. By default the data is presented in view mode with a button to click edit. I have received in-office feedback that it ...
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2 answers

Presenting error to a user in OS X in Popover View

I've been developing applications for iOS for a long time, now I am making application for OS X. My application is an agent. My application is a popover from OS X menu in the top of the screen. I need ...
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What is the UX definition of a View?

The term "view" is used a lot in UX. In programming it often refers specifically to a user interface element associated with a model (e.g. in MVC or MV* frameworks). But I've heard it used in other ...
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View vs Modify "mode"

Currently we have several screens in an enterprise application that allow the user to view information but also, should they choose, to change the information in that screen. For the most part, they ...
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