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media such as that shown on youtube. Questions often relate to how and when to use this on web pages.

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Fast-forward and Rewind on Console video apps: what's the best way?

I've noticed that most apps on PS4 each seem to use a different method of fast-forwarding and rewinding. I assume this is the same on Xbox: YouTube Uses triggers. Very bad from a UX perspective. ...
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iOS Custom video trimmer UI

I'm trying to make a video editing app and for that I need to create a video timeline where I will put different views depending on the amount of videos that are being editing and their longitude. ...
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Users' attention to minimized video

We do know autoplaying videos is bad. When users arrive at a webpage, they don’t appreciate being surprised by video or audio content that begins playing without their consent. Video, and the ...
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Best way to present a list of items in a video presentation

I need to present a list of 10 items in a video presentation (text & audio). First approach: Display items one by one following the audio that narrates. What you hear is what you see, with items ...
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Landing page explianer video embedded vs modal

We are looking at putting an explainer video on our home/landing page above the fold next to our main CTA's to sign up or request a call. I've seen two main ways to do this: Embedded - the video is ...
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Displaying High Framerate Content on a Low Framerate Display

What are the best practices for scaling down framerate of a static video. For example, consider some footage captured at 360 FPS from a videogame. How would one scale this down for a 60 Hz display or ...
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