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Questions tagged [version-control]

Version control is the management of information, source code development or other large code bases.

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Is there a tool for interactions versioning?

I'm looking for a tool to make it possible to share different versions of interactions between several screens. Is there anything like that on the market that can help? I tried several tools like ...
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Version Control UI

I want to make an efficient design for version control in a web app. Let’s say the app is an editor that allows users to build visual content. And let’s say that I want users to be able to access “...
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Save, Publish, Save and Publish

I have a question about the UX solution for saving and publishing a new version on the platform. What is it about? I created a new document and it becomes the "latest" version. I can edit that ...
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What's the best UI to use to select between a before and after?

I am currently working on a web application that allows two or more people to collaborate on a legal document, where they can propose changes and either party will be given the option to choose ...
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Alternate term for customised version of a document

We are currently using the word "Localisation" (sometimes "Localization") to mean a child version of a document (or folder) that has been then customised to fit a specific situation. In this case ...
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Is the implementation of a stability index for a UI component or design pattern in a style guide useful/practical?

The concept of a stability index where the likelihood for the content, where it is code or a specification (e.g. in the documentation of the Node.js API) looks to be rather useful and can be adopted ...
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Comparing and merging user interface revisions from multiple people

How can I compare, merge, and prevent conflicts between UI changes made by different members of a multi-person UI development team? Context for this Question: Visual diff and merge tools like Meld ...
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5 votes
5 answers

Will users understand the concept of "version zero"?

I've written a piece of software, and am trying to decide whether to call it version or version Logically speaking, it is version, and the system tool I am using allows this ...
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2 answers

Help user develop a mental model for version control system

We are developing an integrated version control system for a large enterprise application. When users change something to the underlying data in the system they do so through a "Work Item" This is ...
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118 votes
14 answers

Why don't we auto-save for users instead of having them save manually?

With the advent of Apple moving to auto-saving in its newest release Lion, should everyone start adopting the convention of auto-saving? At first it is definitely awkward and the user can feel like ...
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2 answers

How do you currently manage wireframes and storyboards for software releases?

I'm working on a project which requires wireframing in an Agile environment (2-week sprints). My wireframes and storyboards contain features for immediate release as well planning as for future ...
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